Mykonos Travel Guide

It’s official Mykonos has my heart. I can honestly say it’s my favourite place I’ve ever been to. The whole Island is absolutely gorgeous as well as being packed with so many things to do. The town, the beaches, the food there’s so much the emerge yourself in.

We stayed by Agios Ioannis which in my eyes was the perfect area. We were a walk away from to two beaches. The public transport around us was fabulous. We had a bus stop right outside our hotel so we could easily get into town whenever we wanted. Taxis in the area are a little expensive, so I would definitely recommend getting a hotel near a bus stop if you want to see a lot of the island.

The beauty of Mykonos is you don’t strictly need to have a plan. You can wander and find so much, around every corner there’s a view. Be prepared to constantly be taking photos, a lot of walking and a lot of food. Here’s my top list of things to do.

Rent an ATV

Religous Culture in Ano Mera

Even if you’ve got a good bus stop near you, renting an ATV is a must, it’s the real way to feel like a local of the island. The island is tiny so it’s really easy to get around and you can see most of it in a day. It’s so much fun, and surprisingly felt quite safe. We only rented one for 24 hours but managed to see everything we wanted and more. Particular areas to note are the lighthouse and Ano Mera. However, if you’re out of town and there’s no bus stops near you, you might want to rent one for a bit longer and use it as your way of getting round.

Take time to relax on the Beach

Mykonos is known for its gorgeous beaches. My favourite three that are a have to visit are

  • Fokos Beach: You need an ATV to get here but it’s so worth it. It’s quite and secluded but absolutely stunning both there and the views on the journey. Be sure to visit the Taverna after.
  • Agios Ioannis: This was our local beach and couldn’t be more perfect. There’s some lovely restaurants down by the sand, both for drinks and food. We spent a day here sunbathing and snorkelling, the water is so incredibly clear.
  • Kapari: A local beach which gave it such a great vibe. We headed down with some food to watch the sunset and was a perfect spot for the evening.


Wherever I go you can count on me finding the best food. I am such a foodie so was in absolute heaven. The one thing you need to try is a Gyros and officially think I’ve found the best place. Sakis Grill House is the one the visit. Other than gyros, tomato burrata salads were my go to. As a vegetarian the food choices were really good, always a variety of options and always tasty. My boyfriend would suggest the sea food, everything was fresh and full of flavour. Food itself was quite expensive but wow was the quality good. My favourite restaurants were Hippy Fish, Pasaji and Pasta Fresca Barkia.

Old Town

If you’re looking for the picturesque lanes the town is where you need to go. So generic but you can honestly spend days getting lost in the streets. We spent numerous days wandering the town and every time we were still blown away by how beautiful the area was. There’s a lot to see, shop and eat. Particular areas to visit are little Venice, Panayia parapodtiani church and the windmills which are all common tourist areas, but explore the area yourself and I’m sure you’ll find some favourite spots.


Sunset at Kapari Beach

Sunsets in Mykonos are something else. Take time in the evening to watch with a drink and some food. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Mykonos has to be my favourite place I’ve ever visited. There’s so much to do and see. However, you can really make what you want of it. We wanted to explore and visit all of the island but it can also be the perfect place to relax. Mykonos is also known for its party side, so if you want to go crazy on the nightlife scene it’s the place for you.

If you have any questions about Mykonos then feel free to let me know!

H xxx

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