Best Vegan Restaurants in London

Vegan food is becoming more and more common making appearances on the every day menu and in supermarkets. London is one place that kills it with vegan food. There are so many vegan restaurant with such an array of options. I thought I would take time to share my favourites with you.

Eat Genesis

I honestly think genesis is my favourite vegan restaurant ever. The location is pink and totally instagrammable, but my god the food was something else. Cute location and some dam good food, what else would you want?

The menu is so diverse you can find whatever you’re looking for whether that’s something healthy, or some good chunky cheat meal. The mac n cheese, is the best vegan mac n cheese I’ve ever tasted so cheesy it’s a dream. The burger is a safe option bound to please anyone and for those feeling a bit more adventurous there’s plenty of dishes based on different cultures.

The Vurger Co.

Burgers will always my heart, and boy is a good vegan burger hard to come by. I had the MLT which was mushroom and bean based which is really up my street. I also tried they’re New York Melt witch uses a beyond meat patty and let me tell you it was AMAZING. As someone who hasn’t eaten meat in over a year it tasted exactly like a cheese burger to me. So good, so cheesy. However, to my meat eating friends I had a slight meat texture and taste but wasn’t bang on.

As much as Vurger Co has an amazing range of burgers their sides just top it all off. We went for 50/50 fries, pesto mac n cheese (tastes like pizza) and their southern friend bites. All were bloody fantastic. And if all of that isn’t enough convince you, I’m sure their shakes will. You can even add a shot of rum of whiskey in them! They do gluten and soy free options too so everyone is a winner. Vurger Co is probably the most affordable out of all the locations but the food is up there with all the rest.

By Chloe

By Chloe was the first vegan restaurant I had really heard of. Another one that kills it with the cute interior. By Chloe is fast food based with a menu focusing on comfort food. The sweet potato fries were absolutely incredible, alongside their own ketchup which is a MUST try. Their mac n cheese is also unbelievable, can someone pls tell me the secret of vegan mac n cheese, I just need to know. They also offer desserts along the range of cakes and cookies, which I’ll definitely be trying next time I pop down.

Kalifornia Kitchen

Seems to be a running theme here, apparently I pick my restaurants based on how instagrammable they are. The Kalifornia Kitchen menu is so diverse, I kinda actually wish I picked something else. Surprisingly I am actually more of a grainy salad girl, as much as this blog post really contradicts that. I may have gotten a little food envy when I saw other people’s food. I went for ‘chikken’ strips that were made out of oyster mushrooms and chips. A classic that’s always a winner.

The food was great but in my view a little pricey for what I was. However there’s still things on the menu that I would love to try, like their fish and chips or rainbow bowl.

Let me know if you have any vegan restaurant recommendations that I should try.

H xxx

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