New hair, who dis? Sister Joan Salon Margate

Last week I payed a visit to lovely team down at Sister Joan, Margate Hair Salon, to give my hair a whole new look.  The salon has only been open since November so it’s still relatively new, but the girls are absolutely killing it and it’s running like it’s been there years!

Before my hair was very dry, broken and had a dull warm tone. As you can see it was in desperate need of some help!!

I popped down a few weeks before my actual appointment to do a patch-test to make sure I had no allergic reactions. While I was down there I  also had a consultation with Izzie who was my colourist. We discussed what I wanted and how was best to achieve it while still keeping my hair looking healthy and fresh. I was also given a few bits of hair care advice and a davines hair mask to make sure my hair was in the best condition to have it bleached.

As the weather is hopefully picking up soon I decided that I wanted to go blonder, but still keep a natural ashy tone to it. We went for highlights but added them by backcombing my hair to keep a natural look and give me a bit of a root. Bleaching is a damaging process on the hair, so Sister Joan offer a Olapex service to try and limit the damage of the bleach. I’ve never had olaplex so I was a little unsure how much it would actually work. But let me tell you it makes such a difference. My hair felt so soft and hydrated you couldn’t even tell I had just bleached it. I am so happy with how the colour came out Izzie did an incredible job. I feel so much blonder and brighter for the summer, but it still has the natural look I was going for.

Do you ever get it when you sit in the chair and make a spontaneous decision. I originally just wanted to have a bit of a trim and just cut off what was needed, but I suddenly decided that have a big chop and go for a long bob style. I had my cut with Roxy and she was so lovely to chat to whilst also helping me come to best decisions in terms of the look and the health of my hair. We also decided to go for a bit of shaping around my face. I’ve never gone for this before so I was a little nervous about how it would look, but I’m so glad I did. The cut was so different to anything I’ve done before. I’ve never chopped my hair this much, but the short hair is really growing on me. If anyone is thinking about doing it then go for it, I can not tell you how much healthier it looks and feels. I’ve always struggled with quite thin hair but I feel like it’s getting its thickness and health back.

Picture taken from the Sister Joan website

Thank you so much to the Sister Joan team, I am so unbelievably happy with the outcome. Izzie, Roxy and Kenziah are all great staff with bags of experience. As well as absolutely killing it with the hair, they are all great to have a little chat with which really makes the whole experience so much nicer!

Sister Joan are based in Margate, Kent and I would urge anyone looking for a salon to go down and give it a try. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Plus they offer 20% off for all first timers and students, just state when you are booking!

H xxx

*Disclaimer this was a gifted experience but all views are my own.

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  1. Your hair looks amazing! I’m in that stage of ‘I want to grow my hair out but also just really like having short hair’ haha

    1. Aw thank you Fran! I know what you mean but I’m in love with how healthy short hair is, I always find for me growing it out creates damage! Secretly I know it’s my straightener addiction!!

  2. What an awesome salon, it looks so funky. And you hair looks amazing! I struggle with thinning hair and at 30 it’s really disappointing, because it seems almost ‘gappy’ at the top, so shorter cuts can help lighten it up and give it a bit more bounce. Your new ‘do looks fab, perfect for the spring & summer months! 🙂

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