Do I still have a place in the blogging world?

Well Hello… It’s been a while I know.  Just hand me the award for worst blogger of year already!!Just over a month later I am back and I plan to stick around for a little bit. (Although I won’t be making any promises). I’ve just finished my second year at uni (cheeky post to follow) and I’ve been so busy but I’m seriously ready to get back on it.

Blogging is something I’ve been invested in for around a year and a half now. I love everything about it but the last few months seem to have been a real struggle for me regarding content and inspiration.

So is blogging really the place for me?


Controversial I know but I am one to believe that the blogging world success is full of skinny Instagram perfect type of girls. As I’m currently writing this in my dressing gown with wet hair I don’t think I could be any further from this look. The industry is very much dominated by a particular type of girl with a particular style. Although there’s growth in the diversity of bloggers we still aren’t there. Something that really made me think recently was Chloe Plumpsteads blog post on bloggers beauty standards.  We all know how much I rave about her but she is one of the most down to earth successful bloggers I’ve seen.  She made me realise that yes bloggers do tend to have that ‘perfect’ vibe  but their standard of beauty is so unrealistic. Bloggers are able to get all the high end top makeup for absolutely nothing and most of them can’t even remember a time when they had to pay for their hair cut. Where as many of us are struggling students who budget for months just get their hands on a few new makeup bits. No wonder we can’t reach those high expectations that we all set ourselves.

The one thing that always pulls me to blogging is having my own unique space on the internet. The internet holds a bit of a negative relationship with me with the constant stream of ‘goals’. As much as I love social media it can be so dangerous on a down day. But I like having my space as a little bit of positivity not only to me but also to others too. As much as I do tend to post pictures that I feel comfortable in I love using my space to talk  about issues and show people how life on the internet is not all that ‘real’. I want my blog to be a place where I can feel comfortable to talk about anything I want and hopefully inspire someone to slightly change their way of thinking.

So yes I am not your stereotypical blogger and most of us really aren’t. Quite frankly I am happy with that. As much as I adore many successful bloggers it really just isn’t me. The uniqueness in the industry is something really special. I read a whole range of blogs and each one appeals to me in a different way.

A massive thank you to Meg for taking these beautiful pictures for me. You are an angel.

H xxx

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  1. First of all, can we talk about how beautiful you look in these pictures?! I couldn’t agree more with you! At first blogging was something i enjoyed because it was personal, but then I felt like I had to be that typical blogger doing all the typical things and that kinda took away my own personal touch but now I’m determined to blog and write about what I actually want to write about! loved this post sis! x

  2. Omg, I read that post by Chloe too, and before that, even though I knew they got a whole bunch of services for free or discounted, I would have never thought that it’s extremely difficult for a normal person to achieve these online influencer looks. I don’t think I fit the mold, and that’s one thing that kinda sits in the back of my mind. Are people ever going to get over that influencer look, and try to follow/read/enjoy normal people? Great post Harriet xxx

    Melina |

  3. Loveeeed this! You 100% have a place in the blogging world. It seems to be tinted with these beauty standards and endless clothing hauls but really it’s such a diverse community there is always a place! Aww I’ve missed your posts, glad you’re back girly! X

    Em //

  4. Really enjoyed reading this post. I think a lot of us feel this way sometimes, like you have to look a certain way or have a certain style to be successful. Like you said, the ability to buy products/clothes/whatever it is can be an issue, too!

  5. Harriet, you are my favourite. You’re a natural at blogging and there will always be a place in the industry for you whether you are what other blogger deem as conventional or not. You are completely right – when people visualise bloggers, they imagine these flawless models who get freebies for doing little to nothing. When, in reality, there is so much variety and everyone brings a little something different to the Blogosphere.

    It was my pleasure taking those pictures for you! Can’t wait to see what else you do with them 😉

    Meg |

  6. I’ve missed your posts, but I’m glad you’re back 🙂 I think your blog is very inspiring and genuine, with a very distinctive style and voice. You definitely have a place in the blogging world, as you are one of the very few bloggers I follow and routinely read. Stay strong <3

  7. There are a lot of pressures with blogging, and I found myself regularly making comparisons, feeling out of sync with ‘typical’ bloggers and as though I just couldn’t meet the standards set. But we each have our place and our own voice to add to the mix, so I’d say you most certainly have your own individual space in the blogging world. I’d hate to see you leave; it’s where you can be yourself, do and write what you please that is authentic to what you want to share, and you can do it at your own pace. Congrats on finishing this year of uni – please stick around with your blog Harriet, just do it whenever you feel like it without putting too much pressure on yourself 🙂

    1. It’s really hard not to make those comparisons but I completely agree with that we all have our own place and that’s one of the best things. Thank you so much Caz!!

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