The Jeans I can’t stop wearing

Being someone that owns a double figure number (ooops) of jeans, I often find my self alternating between them all with no real favourite. But let me tell you all things have changed and I have finally found my perfect pair of jeans.

One place that always knows how to make a cracking pair of jeans is topshop. I’ve got a few jeans from other places that I do still tend to wear but I always end up going back time and time again. As much as topshop jeans may seem rather pricey I do really think you are really paying for quality and I can’t really find anywhere else as good!


Straight leg jeans are something I would of never even thought about in my teenage years. Like everyone I swore by Joni jeans for absolute years and then  slowly transitioned into Cain (very very similar to Jamie).  I stuck with skinny jeans and refused to even look at anything else. And oh how times have changed and although I still own a few pairs of skinny’s I would now much rather see myself in a looser fit.

So let me tell you topshop straight jeans are honestly where it’s all at. Don’t you love it when you put on a item and you feel so good about yourself, well these are the jeans that really do it for me. I would say they are quite similar to mom jeans but I find them so much more flattering. Styling them with a black belt and a basic tee always puts together a classic simple look that I absolutely love. I’ve been looking for a pair of jeans in this sort of style for so long but luckily I managed to nab this pair in the January sales. I must admit they are a size too big for me however with a belt they look perfectly fine and I couldn’t really say no to them!


Surprisingly I hadn’t really heard much about them but now since getting them I’ve started to notice that so many people actually rave about them and I definitely see why.

H xxx


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  1. These are gorgeous on you! I’ve always wanted to jump on the mom Jean bandwagon but they just don’t look right on me. I’m a size 12-14 in jeans for the first time in my life after always being a 10, and I don’t know what suits me! But I think these would definitely be worth a go!

  2. they look amazing. im scared of jeans because of my size. ive always sruggled to find ones to fit because of my shape too so i stick to leggings. I need to branch out more

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