What you really want to know about blog events ….

I absolutely love blog events quite often I’m surrounded by food, cocktails and some bloody good company. I mean can you really get better than that.

Normally I would never go to events alone and would drag my best friend round with me. Going alone to blog events is always a scary concept. You’ll always find there’s ‘blogger groups’ already formed and you may feel a little out of place. But trust me 90% of people there are so lovely and it’s so easy to make friends! Don’t forget that so many other people also came on their own, so you are really not alone. I attended the KISS event alone and not going to lie I was absolutely crapping it. However I saw some familiar faces and and made some new friends that I will hopefully see at some events in the future. So if you’re ever worried about going to an event alone just do it, you’ll regret not going otherwise.

At the latest KISS event I met the lovely Georgina and Becky

We all low-key kinda know each other. I mean I definitely know your face from twitter yet I can only remember your blog name and probably have absolutely no clue what your actual name is. I am the absolute worse for this and I seriously apologise if I’ve ever accidentally stared at you while trying to work out if I actually know you. Quite often you always end up looking at each other to then come back home and start tweeting each other to realise if it was actually them. And oh wait of course it was.

Events make feel so grateful for the position I am. Quiet often you go home with the whole range of products which is absolutely incredible. However when there are products lying out on the table I would recommend getting a couple of things first as you’ll look back in 30 minutes and everything will be gone. A little side note as much as all the products are amazing, just please don’t be that person that just picks up about 20 products and stuffs them in their bag.As well as products quite often you can get things, such as a manicure or makeover. I love this as it leaves me feeling so glam and it’s always done so well.

For me a common misconception was that everyone was going to be huge full time blogger and then there was just going to be little old me that does a little bit now and then. (or just whenever I actually have some time) However as much as you do get a lot of full time bloggers at events there are also a lot of people that do just casually blog for fun alongside studying or a full time job.

90% of events will contain some sort of food. I am a massive foodie and honestly normally can’t keep my hands off it. However during events I tend to resit a bit more, because honestly no one really eats much? God knows why because trust me to food is normally delicious. But unfortunately it isn’t quite acceptable to put myself into a chocolate fountain comma. Also cocktails,cocktails and more cocktails. Can you ever really have enough? And drinking at 1pm is completely acceptable right? I am a sucker for cocktails and a free bar at events is always such a treat for me.

Whats your favourite things about events?

H xxx

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  1. ive never been to a blogging event but they do look bloody fun! id definitely just walk around referring to everyone as their blog name haha. i did actually randomly bump into a blogger the other day in real life and we both called eachother’s blog names haha.

    god, really!? i would be ALL OVER the food section give me all of the calories please!!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

  2. I’ve never been to a blogger event before but they seem like such a great way to meet like-minded people who can relate to the ups/downs of blogging. Attending a couple is definitely one of my goals for 2018! And knowing me, I definitely do not think I would be able to resist all the food :’)

  3. I enjoyed reading this post so much. Ahh, makes me want to attend all these fun, interesting events now! I love the idea of them and your experience sounds amazing lovely. Always happy to hear, you’re having a good time! x

  4. I loved this post! I haven’t really been invited to many blogging events, I don’t know if it’s because of where I live or what, but New York doesn’t have any blogging events that I know of yet. These events sound so fun, and I can’t wait for the day that I’ll be invited to one! Great post Harriet xxx

    Melina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com

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