Botanics Skin Care Review

If you haven’t heard of Botanics, then where have you been the last few weeks. Everyone has been talking about them and I’ve been seeing their products everywhere.

First off can we just appreciate how stunning the new packaging is (A SERIOUS UPGRADE!!) . I am a sucker for anything that looks a little bit pretty and these definitely tick that box. Plus they are in pink and white which completely fits my room aesthetic.

So on to the products? Are they actually as good as everyone says they are?

My favourtie product has to be the Refreshing Toning Spritz. Last week was freshers so it was fair to say my skin was feeling a little bit rough, and this has been an absolute life saver. I tend to use this every morning which is SO REFRESHING, especially when you’re feeling a little hungover. It always puts so much moisture back into my skin, leaving an effortless glow. Although it’s not really a primer applying this before I start my makeup provides a hydrated base meaning my foundation doesn’t cling to my dry patches as much.

Day Creams were something I never really used. A simple moistriser would tend to do me just fine. However I am officially converted to the All Bright Hydrating Day Cream. There is honestly nothing worse than a cakey moistriser that just leaves your skin feeling a little greasy. But this one is so light weight and smells amazing.

The hydrating organic day cream is rather similar to the All Bright day cream but I find it a lot thicker. This might work better for someone with drier skin than me, but unfortunately I am not really loving it. It tends to make my skin feel a little more greasy rather than moisturised. If you’ve tried this and it’s not really working out for you I would 100% recommend the All Bright day cream.

A scrub is something I only use on occasions. I know my skin care routine is absolutely terrible !!  Botanics All Bright Face Scrub is some what helping me change that. I have been trying to use this every day and I do think my skin has started to feel a little softer and look a lot healthier. As much as I am loving this scrub it doesn’t quite wow me. However for the price I think it is such good value for money!

If you were to try any products from their ranges I would definitely recommend the toning spritz and the all bright day cream as I have seen such a difference in my skin.

Have you tried any of Botanics products?

H xxx

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  1. Hi, may I ask what skin type you have? Just trying to figure out if the brightening range would be good with my combination skin(oily t-zone and normal elsewhere)

  2. Never tried any of this range, but I was actually in Boots the other day and I noticed the change in packaging. Might be tempted to give some of the products a go.

  3. I haven’t tried any Botanic products yet but I have heard so many people rave about this company recently so I feel like I’m missing out and after this post I definitely need to pick up something to try!

  4. I’ve seen these products all over Instragram/twitter but was never sure whether they were worth checking out myself. That hydrating spritz sounds amazing and just like the sort of thing I could use to whenever I have an early start! It was great to read your honest review and your photos are absolutely stunning 🙂

    Maria xox

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