A little trip to Hastings

Hastings has been a place I’ve always visited. Since a young age I have so many memories of family days out there. As a child the place was an absolute dream but still as an adult I enjoy it just as much! To sunbathe I prefer a sandy beach but Hastings provides so more than that so I can just about get past the pebbles!


If you’re going to the beach Fish n Chips is always a must for me. Every time we head to Hastings we go to the same fish and chip shop. For us nothing beats a classic cod at The Mermaid. I have no clue why I even bothered looking at the menu!

Now I am trying to be ‘healthy’ (despite the fact I had battered fish ooops) so this mean’t I missed out on any seaside sweet treats. Not even an ice cream! However I love the colours of the little vans and basically just want to eat everything they have. But I have had to choose one thing it would have to be sugar doughnuts. Freshly baked and absolutely drenched in sugar they don’t get any better than that.

The Old Town

Where ever I go I always love an old town. Finding little vintage and antique shops are always a delight.  I use to hate being dragged around by my parents but now I find them so intresting. The ‘town’ itself is really only a few roads but I love the older feel it has, giving it such a cute chic look.



How cute where this little prints and bikes. I am obsessed with them both!!


I will always be a kid at heart and I still massively enjoy  the 2p slot machines. When I was younger I use to also go for little ceramic bears in them and I ended up with a huge collection. When I headed in I was a little disappointed as none of them really had anything good in them! Is it just me or as I’ve grown up have the ‘prizes’ got so much worse.

Hastings also has little theme park which is perfect for kids on a day out. I have never really been a ride sort of person and all I can remember is being obsessed with the caterpillar ride and totally being terrified on the ghost train. It’s so nice to see it hasn’t really changed yet it’s still busy!


Another addition of Hastings is mini golf. Unfortunately we didn’t really have enough time to play but I still love playing even though I get so competitive with it.



This has got to be one of my favourite outfits I’ve worn. I am always a comfort over style type of person and this is why this outfit works perfectly for me.

Top: Zara ( I can’t find it online but I think it was about £8)

Trousers: £19.99 New Look 

Trainers: Adidas Stan Smith

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!

H xxx

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  1. I definitely agree that fish and chips is a must when you’re at the beach! I’ve never been to Hastings but it sounds like a lovely place ❤️

  2. This post is adorable, and I love the colours and how amazing your pictures are! I’ve never been to Hastings, and it’s never been somewhere that’s really been on my list, mostly because I’ve never known what was there, but now you’ve got me really wishing I could go for a day! It looks incredible! And you can’t beat a fish and chips at the seaside!

    Gail // http://www.sherbet-aurora.co.uk

    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s such a lovely place, I’ve only been loads because it’s one of my local beaches. I would really recommend it!

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