May Favourites

Okay can we just talk about the fact that May is over, honestly feels like I was just starting the year yesterday. The months keep flying by so I thought I would do a little favourties post as I haven’t done one in agessss plus I’m running a little low on creativity. Anyway this month has been a little crazy and I’ve finally finished Uni so I can get my butt into gear.

Instax Mini 8

Come on who doesn’t love a Polaroid. This one I shamefully think I like the thought of a lot more than the actual camera. Film is just so bloody expensive and I am one of those people that like to save it for a special occasion. Which basically ends up in me rarely using it. However when I do use it, I love the outcome and I definitely need to start using it  A LOT  more.

Fake Septum Piercings

I’ve started to get a little bored of my look and I’ve been wanting to spice it up. While in Primark I stumbled across a pack of 5 fake septum piercings and just thought for £2 why not? The majority of them are so big and I never wear them, but two are the perfect size and I love them. If I’m honest I tend to wear them alone more than out, but I’m loving the change of look they give me.


Nicky Clarke Lightboost conditioner

I’m always wanting to be brighter and blonder, I’ve found the perfect shampoo but conditioner I was struggling on as everything I was using didn’t really make much of a difference, but this one is a game changer. Along with the Pro:Voke purple shampoo my hair is becoming brighter but equally it’s still keeps it looking healthy.

Rodial Face Mask

Sheet masks have been all the rage recently and shamefully I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. But in all serious they are so good, I would say I have combination skin, some really oily areas and equally so dry ones. This does absolute wonders to my dry patches but equally it doesn’t make me any more oily in my other places. After using this I feel so refreshed and my skin is left feeling soft and glowing.


Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette- Matte Forecast Edit 2017

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I am a big fan of makeup revolution. I think their products are insanely good for the price, this palette included. There’s plenty of transition shades, which you can never have enough of.  The colours haven’t picked up well on camera but ‘orange’ shade is actually a bright red which I am loving at the moment. I’ll admit they are a little chalky so I would recommend doing your eyes before your face, but they are still insanely pigmented.

Primark Lip Liner Pencil In Toffee

If you haven’t tried primarks makeup you really should, honestly there are some gems in there. I love their lip  liners so decided to get another shade. Being a sucker for a browny nude this colour is absolutely perfect to wear.

Peter May Coffin Road

As a child I use to love reading but now I rarely have the time to read, or when I do I often read something in one sitting. Having a little read a night really helps me relax and switch off before bed. I’m a huge thriller fan and this book just keeps me asking more and more questions. I can’t wait to finish it but equally I don’t want it to end.

What have you bee loving this month?

H xxx

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  1. Those cameras are so cool! I love how the photos really capture the moment as they can’t be edited or deleted 🙂 also that’s so interesting about the shampoo, I bought the frizz version on a whim and it seems okay so I may try this blonde one now!

  2. I really like the idea of fake piercings, I have been eyeing up some nose rings I want to try! Not too sure if I’d suit the septum ones tho.

  3. Now I have read this, I want them all! I’ve been wearing a fake nose ring as I missed my piercing but didn’t want to go through the same pain again, you should wear it out more don’t be scared.

    Becks x

  4. I really want an Instax camera but I never know if they’re truly worth the hype! I think the outcome photos look awesome but like you said, the film is so expensive! Great May favourites though girl! Xx

  5. Yesss! Those septum piercings look so beautiful on you Harriet! And that book looks so good, may have to check it out. Now that I’m done with uni, I definitely just want to sit down and read lots of books! Xx

  6. I love fake piercings! I have a fake nose ring from H&M which looks great – it’s really secure and suits me and is perfect as I wouldn’t get an actual nose piercing x

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