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On Wednesday and Thursday last week Madame LA LA had their press event in Fenwicks Bond Street, I was lucky enough to attend on Thursday as the days official Blogger editor. Excited was definitely an understatement despite being a tad nervous to say the least I had such an amazing time, The event has really inspired me to get more into blogging and photography and I can’t wait to start making progress on my blog.

So you’ve seen my outfit and now you’re only waiting for what the day was like. This post is going to be a little bit of a long one and basically FULL of pictures. So grab yourself a drink and snacks and let’s get going.


The brand was only formed in 2014 and currently has four products, still being fresh on the market you better watch out for some big things coming!!! Fake tanning is always a bit of a nightmare, always the issue of going orange or streaky, but these products make it so much easier, so anyone could get their perfect beach glow. The products itself are great and being labeled as a slightly more indie brand I wondered what’s so different about them? The self tan is the first to use coco water, meaning no more horrible ‘biscuit’ fake tan smell. As well the products are full of Aloe, green tea, vitamin E and anti aging products making it so so so good for your skin. With a separate face and body tan it makes sure you are putting the right things to your face, meaning no worries of breakouts. Don’t you worry the brand doesn’t test on animals and isn’t planning on either!

FThe press day consisted of meeting so many lovely brands and influencers who were invited to come get their very own spray tan and get to know a little more about the brand. Artis Brushes, Buxom Cosmetics, bare minerals were just a few to mention. Including the stunning Camila Morales who was absolutely amazing to shoot with and her blog and Instagram are definitely worth checking out. Getting to know more about the industry was so interesting and I’m so happy to of met so many lovely people.


I was lucky enough to get a spray tan myself, after seeing everyone else glisten I was desperate to get my LA glow on. Madame LA LA do the most incredible tan called diamond dust which basically gives you a thin layer of ‘glitter/shimmer’ that gives you such a shear glow. This gives such a lovely effect and would be perfect to get done before a night out or something like a wedding. The process was so quick and easy and I’m amazed by the results. I literally feel like I’ve popped off on holiday for a few weeks. It’s such a natural look with no patchiness and such an even colour. There’s just something about being tanned that makes you feel so much better right?


Just look how pretty it looks on DJ and blogger Fabienne Hebrard.

At the end of the event I got a little goody bag that’s full of such amazing products. I might have to do a post on a few of these as they are s great but at the moment I am loving the Winky Lux Lip Velour in meow, which is such a perfect nude. The spectrum c04 has now become my perfect bronzer brush and I can’t get enough. Finally the Radial Pink Diamond face mask is seriously sorting my skin out for me and leaving me with such soft skin.


At the moment you can get their products on their website  and online superdurg and look fantastic as well as in store at Fenwick bond street. Madame LA LA with the Walnut Club are doing spray tans in Fenwick. So if you’re in London I would highly recommend booking one up to get your summer glow all prepped.


I had such an amazing time at the event and I can’t wait to see where the brand will go.

H xxx

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  1. I loved your last post and love this one just as much!! The tan sounds absolutely amazing, i’m after a new tan so will definitely be purchasing this one!! I hope you had an amazing time at the event lovely xx

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Thank you so much my lovely. I would 100% recommend it, I’m shocking with fake tan but it’s so easy to use!

  2. I’m so jealous omg. Harriet, you look like you had such a great day! Also, your photography is actually amazing and so much better than what I can even do! Girl, I’m excited for all the amazing things you’re going to do. Your biggest supporter my lovely, love you very much xxx

    1. Thank you Sami, I’m seriously trying to improve it at the moment. You are so kind, literally always make my day! xxx

  3. that tan!! I’ve actually been searching around for a good tanning product before a festival next weekend so will check them out! xx


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