L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover, Is it worth the hype?

So if you haven’t heard where have you been? But L’Oreal have recently released a new foundation. For me L’Oreal has always been my go to for foundations. My skin breaks out really easily and this one of the few brands I can wear without waking up with spots the day after wearing it. Before using this my absolute go to was the Infallible 24 hour foundation. Out of the two of them I must say I do prefer the total cover. When I said I had picked it up in a little haul, so many of you were interested in what I thought of it.

I picked up the shade 12 natural Rose thinking it would be fine for my skin tone. Unfortunately It is a little too dark for me so I tend to mix it with my 24 hour foundation in order to get the right colour.

The foundation does what it says and certainly is full coverage but so easily to blend with its surprisingly light weight formula.  I was a little weary at first seeing as it was a sort of mousse like formula I had a sudden flash back to the dream matte mousse days. But thank god it is nothing like that and I can safely so I don’t look like I’m caked in layer upon layer of foundation. How dream matte mousse is still a thing I will never know.

Only a small amount of this foundation is needed to cover the whole face, blending it out with a beauty blender achieves the best results, but if you have a little more patience, I would recommend a buffing brush  and it makes it even more full coverage.

I have quite combination skin and thankfully this foundation gets rid of the shine while equally not clinging to my dry areas. Thankfully someone has finally got it right. I’ve worn this for the majority of the day or for a night out and it doesn’t budge!

Let me know if you’ve tried this foundation and what your thoughts are on it.

H xxx


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    1. I would really recommend it, however I tend to mix it with a more liquidy foundation so it’s not as thick!

  1. I’ve been falling back in love with Double Wear again recently, and the double wear light for summer. I’ll definitely give this a go as a cheaper alternative!

  2. I have been reading up loads about this foundation recently and love your review! I have spot prone skin which is dry (a nightmare for skincare and foundation!!) and this was really helpful. I think I might just take the plunge and pick it up after everyone is saying such good things! xx

  3. Oooh I always see this in stores like Superdrug when I’m having a browse. I literally only use the Rimmel wake me up foundation because it’s so risky buying and trying something else that might not go well with your skin but this sounds good considering it covers the oiliness. Lovely post Harriet x

    1. Rimmel Wake me up, use to be my absolute favorite. I’m just like you always a little scared to try a new foundation!

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