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As I said in my Blogging Tips post you either hate or love bloglovin. I am no expert using bloglovin, but I feel as recently I’ve really managed to gain quite a few followers and I’m getting a lot more reads out of it. I’m not where I want it to be but this year I’ve seen some quick growth in it and this is how I’m getting the most out of it.

So why should you actually use bloglovin?

  • Well in my view it’s the easiest way to follow every blog you love no matter what platform they are on. All your favourite blogs in one place.
  • As well as seeing posts you follow you can click on categories and see what posts are ‘trending’ giving you a idea of what posts are popular at the moment.
  • All your posts are immediately posted on there = completely new audience.
  • Also there’s an app for on the go


Two followings??

The thing that is most confusing is that you can follow people one of two ways, either themselves so you can see posts they love/ repost or as their blog when you see their blog posts. I tend to completely ignore the individual following and focus on blog following. That’s how I follow people and measure my following. This way people actually see my posts, instead of the posts I love.

Link your follow widget at the end of each post

I’ve been doing this and I am actually gaining followers every time I post. This gives people who like your post and immediate way to follow and keep track with you. This should then lead to more views as people that follow you are actually interested in your content rather than just following to gain another follower.

Have a follow button somewhere on your site

I like to have one down the side of my blog, this way it’s easily accessible for everyone to see. currently doesn’t support this but a little tip if you still wan’t to use bloglovin. Add a picture widget of the bloglovin logo and link it to your bloglovin page so in effect it’s literally a button.

Be Active

If you don’t actually use it how do you expect to get anything out of it? I read the majority of blogs through bloglovin. I’ll save the ones I like into folders by clicking the + button on each post. This way I can re read them when I need. I also love the ones I enjoy reading. This way I fee a get a little more interction with others that do the same. However I only save/love the posts I actually do, can’t stand it when people do just for your to return it.

I hope those of you who weren’t too clear on bloglovin now have a little more understanding.

H xxx

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  1. Bloglovin is my favourite platform to catch up on blogs with! As I’m a blog, I can’t follow platforms like blogger or any other independent blogs through the wordpress reader feature, and it’s great to catch up on them through bloglovin instead!❤️

  2. Hey Harriet! I nominated you for the blue Sky Tag. I don’t know how often you’ve already been nominated for an awrad or tag, but if you’d like to do this one, it would be fun!
    love, elena

  3. It annoys me greatly that the Bloglovin’ widget won’t work on my WordPress. Instead, I post a link to my Bloglovin’ account at the end of every post. Doesn’t seem to be working, though 🙁

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