Things I hate about Blogging

After writing my blogging tips I thought it would be a good idea to write about the other side of blogging. Blogging is literally my favorite thing ever, but as with everything I have a few little pet peeves. Now the blogging community is full of absolute great people and I’m so thankful I am part of it but sometimes it quite frankly gets on my tits.

Self Promo

Of course self promo is  necessary and we all do it. It’s just part of blogging and basically essential to get your blog out there. Just a heads up if you constantly message me or fill group chats telling me to go like your tweet or read your post, chances are I wont.  On the topic of self promo, auto DM’s are a serious NO. If you haven’t seen this on twitter I’m pretty sure everyone hates them. I personally will never click a blog link from a auto DM. As much people may think you’re helping yourself out, it may just lead to an unfollow.


If you don’t know what this is, it’s all about search engine optimisation, essentially writing your posts so google ranks it higher. Yes of course it’s nice to have your post ranked higher, but all this hassle is a joke. One of the things that helps is titles, yes I know I currently have them in this post, but personally I feel they work well. However they don’t belong in everything I write. I can’t stand it when I see people trying to fit them in just because, it distracts from the actual post and doesn’t give it justice.

Keywords is another factor influencing SÉO, to be honest I really don’t care about keywords. I don’t look them up or even bother doing anything with them, I write the content I enjoy and feel passionate about, I’m not going to try and pop a key word in the title and every paragraph for the sake of it. I write what comes from me not something generated just to optimise my search listings.


I HATE that nowadays money gets you anywhere. I am a uni student, I can just about afford being self hosted, let alone a new camera, lights, a theme or advertising. Obviously hard work gets you so far but without that ‘professional’ look you can’t do it all! People are buying followers, advertising and everything they can. It kind of throws hard work out. As with the money you could get so much higher!

Social Media Follow unfollow

With basically everyone having an unfollow app, I do not understand why people do this? If you follow me with 20k followers but you only follow 120 chances are I know what your doing and wont even bother following you back. Just a heads up if you unfollow me I will unfollow you just like 98% of us.

What happened to just following content you love instead of trying to play a game with everyone so that you end up on top?


Everything in life is a competition but for some reason some people in the blogging world are so competitive. People start to forget about being supportive and congratulating others. A little Congrats or well done doesn’t take much. Remember what support you give will often come back.

H xxx


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  1. I feel you my dear. I’m just going to take it slow. I think the most annoying is the buying of followers. I’ve decided to leave big accounts alone. I only mingle with smaller accounts. Once a woman commented on my link on fb that she loved my page and she followed me. Few days later she unfollowed. I was so mad. They should just stay in their lane.

    1. That’s so annoying. Especially when you can tell an account is going to do it! Don’t get why people play a game with it!

  2. I love this post and agree 100% ! I’m two months in blogging world and to be honest I don’t understand why people see it as a competition. For me there’s no competition, just living life and enjoying it. I love supporting others and this post help me big time in self promo however I could never DM someone to go look at my work(that’s not the right way to go lol) but, thank you for this 😌❤️

  3. I love this post! I seriously hate the follows and the unfollows! I definitely unfollow someone if they unfollow me after following me like a hour prior. It is just crazy! If people follow me, I don’t always follow back because if I don’t like someone’s content, then I won’t follow them. It is as simple as that and that is how it should be!

  4. Love seeing what other people ‘hate’ about blogging and not feeling guilty about feeling the same way. Auto DMs I hate with a passion! And I never understood people the unfollow you straight away?! I’m going to unfollow you back.

    Jasmine x

  5. agree so much with the money and follow unfollow comments, there is nothing worse than people following you and then un following you 5 minutes later seriously bugs me SO much. And you can easily take the same dece pics with your iPhone right💁🏻

  6. The money part gets to me so much. I can’t afford any of these things and can only afford hosting because it is very cheap. All those other things like design and photoshop are what stresses me out, but one day i will make it

  7. ‘ getting on my tits ‘ made me laugh! This is so true and the money situation is so me! It’s just little old me with my iPhone 5 camera doing primark hauls..I feel like I can’t relate to some bloggers because it’s all money based and let’s be honest I can’t relate to someone hauling Chanel x

  8. Agreed- following to unfollow is stupid and I’m not a fan of the generic DMs. I guess people still think those make a difference but I think it backfires lol.

  9. I hate the constant follow unfollow, the auto DMs you are so right, Im sure we can all relate to it, the competition is a nightmare too, and I feel you with the money – I would love a camera and lighting lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  10. Totally related to this post! Especially the part about being a university student – I just cant afford to ‘keep up’ with big bloggers who have fantastic photoshopped headers and amazing photos on self-hosted blogs 🙁 I didn’t even know about SEO/key words and how headers make a difference?! It can sometimes suck when it all seems a game. Like nobody wants to read in to a nice comment they receive that it’s just for promo or something – sadly some people just abuse the system/community!! Great post though, thanks for being so honest 🙂

  11. I hate the fact that some people follow you and they are expecting you to follow them back. I mean, if I like your content and I feel like I can relate then yes, I will follow you back. This is not twitter or instagram that you have to follow everyone that follows you back. And if you don’t, sometimes they unfollow you. That’s what I don’t get about blogging.

  12. I couldn’t of put it any better myself! Never bothered with SEO or key words, and freaking miss the good old days where the look didn’t matter as much. Like we all have to start somewhere, so don’t write me off based on my theme, write me off if you don’t like my content… I’m totally ok with people not liking my content but not when it’s based on the way my blog looks, or how many followers I have. Chances are brands just don’t read your content, they look at numbers and they look your aesthetic. It’s so so sad and disheartening 🙁

    Also, I get so self conscious because I’m like dayyyum what If I have auto dms and don’t even know haha! Please tell me if I do xD

    Super relatable post, but also kinda sad because everything you said is way too true and real…

    love youuu xoxo

    1. I completely agree with you. Brands honestly don’t even read your blog! Which is annoying but there’s nothing you can do. I create content I like and if others don’t enjoy it then it doesn’t matter!!

  13. you know i agree with every single point, it kinda sucks that money makes it so much easier for people to progress but oh well, hard work and determination eventually pays off! loved this post x

    Connor //

  14. this is omg you are speaking my mind Harriet! I so agree with all those points you made! Especially about the self promo and those annoying automated DM’s. I get them all the time and I end up having to unfollow. I’d rather get to know someone and their interests by messaging and actually having a conversation than from an automated message that everyone else gets. Love this post and not a lot of people mention things like this or even talk about this topic so you go girl! love you xxx

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