Why being single on Valentines is the best

Just a few days now until my Instagram feed will be flooded with cringe couples, pandora rings and roses. A while ago I wrote a post how to be happy and single how to be happy and single I thought I would take a more light hearted approach and write one focusing on Valentines. As much as it’s so lovely to have a partner on Valentines Day being single can equally be as fun. You can go out and celebrate it with all your best friends, or just have a chill day by yourself. Being in a relationship shouldn’t determine what you do on that day.

If you have a partner by no means don’t hold back. Go out and treat each other and celebrate your love for each other, after all it only comes around once a year.

Lets be real, all Valentines is is just another celebration we’ve created just for profit driven businesses.  We should be out celebrating love, but in fact we are celebrating greed. As a society we’ve played on this day for to benefit nearly every business. Companies love it, Valentines day proves a huge market with deals, gifts, even special days out. All of this just celebrate love, which realistically should be shown every single day.It’s just like any other day.

This year will be no change to my usual Valentines and that means I will be spending it alone without a boyfriend. Yes as depressing as it sounds it doesn’t really bother me at all. So lets think about the positives. You have no one to spend your day with that means no dates, no presents, no money! Think about everything you could save! And with that saved money, why don’t you just spend it on yourself? You don’t need a man when you can just treat yourself. What the absolute best thing is the discounted chocolate and gifts after, who needs Valentines day when you can celebrate  the sales after? This year I think I might take my own advice as the temptation to by myself something is getting a little too much!

Valentines Day can cause you to feel sad, lonely and a bit irrelevant, but bare in mind there are millions of other people out there not celebrating either. If it bothers you just ignore it and get  along with your day the way it normally is. This year it’s just going to be like every other day for me. I’m going to go to uni, get my work done and not even take notice of the date. Nothing special and nothing different. Although being single sucks at times if you ever feel down about it remind yourself of all the positive that come with it, no arguing, less money spent, no sharing (food, the bed, everything!!) and a whole lot of you time.

Valentines day is all about love and you might not have a partner to share it with but think of all your love for other people, be it your parents, siblings or even your best friends. There’s always someone you can show your love to. You don’t have to do something extravagant but even maybe a simple pamper evening or just a nice home cooked meal together.  Showing a little appreciation can make yours and their day just that little bit better.

Let me know if you have any plans, whether it’s with a partner, friends or just by yourself!

H xxx


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  1. I will be spending the 14th with my best friend☺️ You’re right it doesn’t have to just be partners it can be anyone you love☺️ And yes we should appreciate them every day☺️ Absolutely love your blog and layout I’m still working on my blog re-designing it☺️ All my love Brontë ☺️✨ x

  2. I will probably sound weird saying this but I don’t see the point in Valentines day. It’s cute but shouldn’t you show your love, appreciation and affection for your partner everyday? One day in the year where you go full out and special, why can’t that be everyday? After all it’s the little things that count! I loved this post so much and it’s one of the best I’ve seen and read so far about Valentines day! You are forever preaching Harriet, my wifey xxx

  3. I’ve spent every Valentines alone and to be honest, I’m bored of seeing all the lovey dovey stuff in shops. You should appreciate your partner every day not on one specific day of the year, cook them dinner on a random evening or let them know they’re special whenever. If I ever had a partner on Valentines then I’d still be anti-valentines, too many people waste money on stupid gifts.

  4. I don’t have any plans for valentines day this year, never really do. Just decided to be my own valentines, to feel less guilty about buying chocolate ahha ^_^ Lovely post xx

  5. I too, will be spending Valentines Day with friends and family! As much as the thought in Valentines Day is lovely I believe you should show your love to someone all year round, not just because it’s what’s expected. However I can’t fault the discounted chocolate and romantic movies!
    Zara x

  6. I love this post! I think we all get too obsessed with the idea of having a partner at this time of year, why not spend the day celebrating the other significant people in your life? Friends, family, work colleagues etc are all a huge part of who makes us who we are ❤. I’ll be spending mines with my best friends and my cat probably rewatching Sex and the City with a pizza and wine, and that sounds perfect to me!


  7. I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend.
    And I have wonderful friends that I could have spend my day with in case I needed.
    How am I spending it this year?
    Full 9 hours of work followed by 4 hours of university lectures….

    There are worse things than having no boyfriend.
    You could have a boyfriend but no Valentine’s day…

    Ioanna | beautyloverstories.com

    1. Exactly, I don’t mind about not having a boyfriend, I have so many others I am thankful for and can celebrate my love for!

  8. Valentines Day is literally just one day, being in a relationship should be long term and one day such as this day shouldn’t be a determining factor as to whether you should treat your partner or not. If you’re in a relationship or single, you can still have fun – heck i’m single and I’m not complaining.

    HettyAsh xx http://www.hettyash.com

  9. Valentine’s Day…ugh. I agree with you though, nowadays it’s more about the marketing ploy than it is an actual celebration of love (cringe)

  10. This is a great post! I’m not doing anything on Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend I believe we’re going to see a horror film with our friends instead x

  11. Loved this post, this is something all us single girls need to be reminded of! Well I’m not single anymore lol, BUT I was single on valentine’s day every single year up until last year, and it’s not a day to mope around or be sad. You can still feel empowered and go have fun with friends.

  12. Love this post I will be celebrating alone too. I defo agree Valentine’s Day is good for business but other than if your single it should be a day to celebrate for us singletons of us being single but in love with ourselves and happy being alone. Pixie xx

  13. Ugh I genuinely hate Valentine’s Day and all the hype that comes with it, I agree that it’s more of a marketing ploy than it is a real celebration of love (cringe)

  14. Last year I celebrated Valentines day with two close friends and we went shopping all day. It was honestly the best Valentines day ever, just hanging out with friends and cringe at most couples haha. Great post! Love, Larice

  15. This is how I feel about Valentine’ Day, it’s been more about capitalizing on consumerism rather than loving one another. I’m usually single on Valentine’s Day and I’m totally cool with that. I’m thinking of a couple things I can get for myself this year. I’ll be spending part of the night with friends, which is nice but I don’t mind spending it alone either :). There’s nothing wrong with being single, the right person will come along when the time is right.

  16. Honestly just share Valentine’s day with your family and friends. Screw the media saying you have to have a relationship to celebrate it. You’re absolutely right, it’s just a marketing tactic at this point because it’s so heavily commercialized.

  17. I’m totally with you on this. It’s gonna be another Valentine’s Day alone for me, wouldn’t want to break tradition haha! But I don’t mind, it just means I can treat myself to some chocolate! X

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