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I am far from the most experienced blogger in the world but I quite often get a few emails and messages asking for tips on blogging. So instead of repeating myself over and over I thought it would be best to make a post on it all. I am highly aware that there are many of these posts about so I thought I would try and include some different things.

Social Media

Social media is honestly your best friend in the blogging world. I personally have separate accounts for my blog and my personal, I find this works best so I don’t bombard everyone that doesn’t care about my blog with daily updates. Most my viewers do come for social media so it’s best to get to grips with it all. Twitter and Instagram are your main ones. A lot of people have recommend pintrest to me and I still need to get my head around everything but I’m sure I’ll get there soon.

Bloglovin, you either love it or hate it and I certainty I love it. A lot of people just can’t understand it due to difficulties of having a profile and a blog but once you get it, you feel so silly for getting so confused. It’s a really easy place to see loads of blogs at once, it means no matter what platform the blog is on it comes up on my feed. You can also share and repost blogs that you enjoy on it, meaning that the chance of your post being spread around is a lot easier. When I fancy reading blogs I will always visit bloglovin first to see if there’s anything that catches my eye.

Professional Layout

Going self hosted is one of the easiest ways to make your blog look more professional. To sum it up you basically get your own domain and so many more themes to choose from making your blog stand out and look unique. I’ve previously done a whole post all about this which you can read here and for all those wondering I have used siteground. I would totally recommend going self hosted to give your blog that professional edge

A header is a key thing to every site.It’s your chance to really get creative and show what your blog is all about. Some people go with great eye catching ones with small pictures around the edge, however I like more of an minimalistic look so mine is just plain. Whatever your header is make sure it really shows of you! It’s the first thing people see on your site and the first impression made. There are so many talented people out there that will help you create one or you can even do it yourself just as easy!

Working with Brands

This is something that eventually we all want to do and equally something that’s hard to get into. Doing review and posts relevant to the brands you want to work with shows the brand that you are genuinely interested in their products and not just after some ‘freebies’. If your brand is just full of DIY’s and you apply to work with makeup brands it just doesn’t fit with your blog and the brand will tell your not interested!

I would recommend looking on the #bloggerswanted on twitter I have actually found a couple of brands this way and it’s easy to contact them straight away. I would also say don’t feel scared to contact brands yourself, the worst that will happen is that they won’t reply.  Once you’re well connected with a brand they might want to work with you in the future . Placing your email in a easily accessible place on your site is a good way for brands to be able to contact you, and It’s common to get a few emails this way.

The most important advice is only work with a brand that actually appeals to you. There’s no point at all doing it for the sake of it. And stay true to your words, don’t promote something that you don’t enjoy I think it’s important to show some negatives of the product as how often is something ‘perfect’.



PLAN, PLAN and more PLANNING. I cannot stress this enough. I must admit sometimes when I have a busy few weeks I do often get a little bit behind and things turn a little rushed and last minute. However, when I play things I love it, I feel so organised and there’s no stress. I currently post around twice a week but I’m looking to try and increase it to three times but without planning it’s going to be hard. A lot of people jump straight into blogging and don’t realise how time consuming it can be if you want to put out numerous posts in a week.

A lot of people like to most nearly everyday, I admire many people for doing this but personally I just can’t get that much high level content out. Don’t stress if you cant do loads and loads of posts, I would definitely be more likely to follow a blog with great content than loads of posts.

Along with planning, setting goals is so useful. Writing down your currently views and followers at the end of each month is a great way to see how far you’ve come and how much you want to grow and improve.


By this I don’t mean you have to write perosnal posts as we all like to keep things to ourselves but I would suggest making your blog true to you. There’s no point blogging about something you have no interest in.Your passion won’t be there and your readers will know it. Blog things you generally care about and your content will be so much better.

H xxx

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  1. Great advice! Totally agree with you about planning… don’t know when I’ll be ready to contact brands though. I’m still too shy to join a blogger chat! Need to start building some confidence in myself and my writing

  2. Hi Harriet, this is such a useful post especially the bit about brands. There aren’t many (any) brands for psychology- maybe books but I would be more for sport/running brands and lifestyle. I don’t feel confident or established enough yet to contact brands but hopefully that will come. I also plan my blogs but find it so hard to stick to. I think we have all found ourselves up until silly o’clock trying to squeeze a few more sentences out.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Harriet! I love this post, tip posts are my favourite ones to read. I completely agree about not having my head around Pinterest, I’m trying to make it work but then I change my mind a few weeks in and keep going round in circles. I have the same love/hate with Pinterest as I do with planning. I have months where everything is planned and scheduled and then months like now where I’m writing and posting on the same day! Fab post!

    Hollie |

  4. Such a wonderful post with some great blogging tips that could come handy for many like me. I agree Social Media has a huge impact in the blogging world and planning is more important for running a successful blog.

  5. I loved that you took a different approach to blog tips. Really helpful. I have already implemented some of the things you suggested. I too would like to work with brands in the future but as a new blogger my focus right now is just to provide quality content and build my audience.

  6. Oh my god this is so helpful! Thank you Harriet! I’ve been thinking of getting in touch with brands but didn’t really know how to? I will definitely use that tag! Love this post, would love to see more useful tips n tricks like this! love u xxx

  7. I agree, having a self hosted site just overall looks so much better- not that I have one (hopefully soon) but seeing everyone’s personalized look definitely gives you more of that creative outlook. I like yours even though its plain and simple. It actually has a very clean sleek look that I love, and everything is so easy to look at/find. I hate feeling overwhelmed like some other ones I’ve seen. I’ll go on and not even be able to pin point where their most recent post is lol and at that point I just move onto looking at someone else’s! You’ve done a great job with yours!

    xo, JJ

  8. I’m kind of new to blogging but I love it and I want to put my everything to my blog. I want to start posting more as well but sometimes I ran out of ideas and I feel stuck. I love these tips, they are really helpful xx

  9. Thank you for great ideas, I really enjoy reading these types of posts. I never heard about hashtag bloggerswanted, so I definitely going to check it out. I try to plan my post as many as I can. Before Christmas I had pre planned and pre written posts for 3 weeks and it felt perfectly – no stress, no drama. 🙂

    Michelle Morchella

  10. I’ve been getting in to planning my posts a lot recently and it’s made everything so much easier! I’m also a massive fan of Bloglovin, I don’t get how people do without it! X

  11. My favourite part is the one about planning because I plan all the time. Blogging is time consuming so if I don’t plan, I’ll be like a fish in a big ocean😅 I also like the one about setting goals because it helps me try really hard to achieve it and even if I don’t, at least I was close and it’ll be worth it. Social media works too. Surprisingly, I got over 100 views from Twitter last month and I’m like a ghost there😂 Great post btw👍 My comment is long but oh well😝

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