Secret Scent Box Review

I’ve always enjoyed trying out subscription boxes, the element of surprise is so much fun and you the bonus of finding new products. So when Secret Scent Box contacted me asking if I wanted to try their box I jumped at the chance. I’ve always stuck to beauty boxes so was eager to try something new. I have the same few classic perfumes I always stick to as much as I want to branch out I just don’t know where to look.

What is it?

Secret Scent Box is a monthly subscription box that gives you a 30 day supply of three designer perfumes. Yes designer!! It currently costs £15 pm including delivery which is a great price for the quality of the perfumes. The idea behind this box is to try a whole new range of perfumes and hopefully finding the perfect one for you. You can either get a male or female box which have fragrances targeted to each gender. The box is small enough to fit through your letter box which is great sizing. Meaning you don’t have to worry about missing the postman and then missing your delivery!

My fragrances

CK One Shock- £25 for 200ml


I love this scent. Personally it comes across as quite sweet with top notes of passion flower, Pink Peony and Poppy Flower. The fruit fragrance also comes through making it a really refreshing smell. This would be perfect in the spring time. The scent lasted a good few hours but didn’t all day, but the benefit of getting them in a small size is you can easily have it on the go and reapply!

Tommy Hilfiger- Tommy Girl £18 for 100ml


The smell is definitely refreshing and is the perfect thing to put on in the morning to waken you up and make you feel refreshed. My favorite thing about this scent is that it isn’t over powering and it’s subtle. It makes you feel great without stinking the whole place out!

Tom Ford- Orchid Soleil £76 for 50ml


In my eyes this scent is absolutely amazing. I’m obsessed with it and would love to purchase the full size however I don’t think my bank would agree with me! The scent is mature and simple but with a sweet undertone with middle and base notes of Vanilla with Lily. I think anyone could wear this scent and that doesn’t happen very often. I applied this scent in the morning and I could still smell it in the evening which is so great as I can hardly find an all day perfume.

My verdict

The box itself is beautiful with silver font on the front. It’s great quality and I’m definitely going to make use of it after. Three samples are just the right size and I can see this lasting me more than the month as I tend to wear more of a body spray day to day and perfume when I have a day out etc.  The perfumes come in small sizes which are perfect to pop into your bag to freshen up on a day out.

The brands were all recognizable for me, as much as I love finding new brands it’s great to have some big names in there. My favourite touch was having little cards explaining a little about each fragrance. I am far from technical with perfume so knowing the top, middle and base notes was really useful and could equally help me find other perfumes I like. I would definitely use this service again.

If you want to give this box a try and fancy 15% off use the discount code HARRIETDAY15 on their website (all in caps).

H xxx


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  1. Hey Harriet,

    I love the pretty packaging and I hope the scent is also as good as its packing. At such a low price, it really seems to be an astonishing yet inspiring package. Maybe I should give it a try. Thanks for your thoughts too.

    Skinade Discount

  2. This kind of reminds me of the scent bird subscription. I’ve been curious for awhile on how these work for other people. I’ll definitely think of this as a cheaper alternative after my perfumes are finished. I heard Tom Ford’s fragrance was nice but pricey. I like the smell of Tommy Girl too.

  3. I loved using this box, I recently just posted a review on this myself!

    It’s so nice to actually try out different scents before going out and spending loads of money on something which you may decide you don’t even like a few days later.

    Also the packaging it’s beautiful, that’s always a plus!


  4. Okay, I’m so tempted to do this! Is there a wide range of different fragrances? I will definitely check them out! And I love the way you worded this review! Love it Harriet xx

  5. this is such a cool idea? do they do a cologne version? i might have to check them out if they do!! the packaging looks so cool too, love the little notes that come with it!

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