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The generation that we are living in has made social media a core focus. Nearly every teenager has around three social media platforms that they check daily. The pressure to be have a large following and may likes is was drives us today. I myself am guilty of being affected if I don’t get as many likes as normal. Obviously it’s not heartbreaking nor does it upset me, but I still think about it. I still feel slightly disappointed that my photo didn’t get 100 likes. But why should my social status and how ‘popular’ I am determine on a few figures on social media. With people buying likes and following who knows what’s real anymore.

Social Media has become a huge platform for the growth of new celebrities. The birth of Instagram sensations such as Tammy Hembrow have shown influential social media can now be. What I think the biggest thing we forget is that their life isn’t  as wonderful as it seems. Vloggers are often guilty of showcasing such a perfect life, but what we see is 10 minutes of their whole day that’s not even 10%.Their life is portrayed as so positive and you start to see it as your ‘goals’ but in fact you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Looking at your own social media, you only post photos that you like and would never post one showing yourself in a negative light. I’ll tell you what I look a dam sight better on Instagram than I currently do sat here writing this now. By no means am I ashamed of what I look like I just like to showcase the best of me. And that’s exactly what everyone else does. They have their best angle, best makeup and best lighting ensuring they look their best. With the increase of Photoshop more and more people are editing their own photos, so now what we portray as our own ‘goals’ are no longer realistic.

One photo that’s been going around recently is a great example of showing our self at our best.


By no means does she look bad or unattractive as quite frankly I would love to look like that when I sit down. However the picture highlights that we do show our best and that in reality the majority of the time we don’t actually look like that. I have huge respect to this women to actually show society that she herself does not look perfect all the time. Obviously we aren’t stupid and know she doesn’t but we do just forget and let it slip by .

Right, I enjoy my social media and I mean come on who doesn’t. One of the best things is to see what everyone else is doing and if your a little nosey like me you’ll love it. I use to spend hours every night just scrolling and scrolling to make sure I saw everyone’s post.  I was never interested in everyone but I hated missing posts. Think, how many times a day you check your phone. The average person checks there phone 85 times a day. 85!! Shamefully I must admit I think I check mine a little more. The amount of time spent on my phone is a little disappointing, the time I waste where I could be doing so much better things but I’m more concerned on what some girl I hardly know spent her evening doing. I no longer want to be a part of this social bubble. There’s no way I’m stopping using social media, simply I’m just cutting down. I no longer feel the need to see everyone’s post and i know longer feel the need to try so hard with my social media. My Instagram feed has never been aesthetic and my colours don’t match at all and you know what I don’t care.

The thing is social media is making us less social.The more time online the less time we actually spend connecting. While spending time interacting in person we become less engaged and still direct focus onto our phone. The thing is we no longer consider it rude when we ignore the peron we have arranged to meet to simply check what everyone else is doing. The real connected becomes weaker yet the social media connectio behind a screen grows.

H xxx


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  1. Love this post!! I can’t believe how much we all use social media. I feel now that I get days where I just need to take a break and switch everything off. I hate that I feel like I’m not as good a blogger as others because my reach is much lower and my stats have been stuck for ages😟 Keep up the good posts!! Loved this one💫💛

  2. Loved this post, I feel the same about social media and I have definitely cut down, I tend to do less scrolling across all platforms now. I’m so glad she posted this picture I think it really hit a lot of people!

  3. This is such an eye opening post. When you truly think about it, it’s scary how often we are online, and we don’t even think about it. It has become a routine and something we just ‘have’ to do. Yet at the same time, it is scary to believe what it can do. I am currently writing my dissertation to see the effects social media has on the mental health on young people and the amount of information out their on the effects and how popular everyone wants to be is crazy! It really has taken off so much x

  4. Loved this girl! And I couldn’t agree more, social media and the internet is such a weird void with so many views and insights and then this added pressure, all so relevant and needed to be discussed!

  5. This post is so true! When you first said the average person checks 85 times, I was so shocked! But then realised I probably do check that amount of times or more…crazy! I agree that taking a detox from social media once in a while is so important for your mental health. It’s just so easy to get wrapped up in it all constantly xxx

  6. Looking for success in the fitness industry and trying to become a successful blogger/vlogger, I have been terribly guilty of this. I realised it was becoming an obsession when I took on a 7 day, daily vlog challenge and I was consistently working on my videos until 1-2am and getting back up for work at 7 am. I often only got 4-5 hours sleep a night! This was such a great post, it has completely solidified my suspicions. Well done!

  7. Oh wow! I love how honest this post it. This just boosted my confidence even more. Lovely post❤️ Shows how much you should love yourself😘

  8. I can really relate to this post as I’ve been feeling it a lot lately, the more your social media grows the less social you become in the real world. I find the balance between the two really hard sometimes but I’ve started spending very little time online so I enjoy mor experiences x

  9. i’ve never read such a true post in my lifeeee, it’s crazy thinking about it how much time i actually spend on my phone, whenever i have a spare minute i’m on my phone and to be honest i could be doing something productive or active! this has really opened my eyes! great post harriet! x

  10. So true, and I know that I am guilty of many of these things, I spend far too much time on my phone, checking Facebook and Twitter.

    I also agree about the more social media grows the less social we actually become. Now I’ve met some fantastic people through social media, but I feel that we do spend far too much time checking what others are doing even when we have someone else sitting across from us. My friends and I have a rule about putting phones away when we meet up for dinner, but then I feel terrible that we’ve reached a point where there actually needs to be a rule.

    1. I’m glad you’ve got that rule but yes exactly we shouldn’t need to have to make it, naturally we should wan’t to engage in each other rather than be on our phone.

  11. You are so right, I love this post. I never would have dreamed 3 years ago about how much I cared about how many people saw my tweets, or how many liked my instagram pictures, especially how I only had Facebook 3 years ago. This is a great post and has really made me think about what I see isn’t really all the time what is real. x

  12. Agreed with everything! We get very wrapped up in it. That photo actually really helped me when I saw it being shared around, it reminded me not to feel bad about myself, as you say we show what is the best version of ourselves, no harsh realities.

    Terri x

  13. This is all so true! I’ve never been one for peer pressure or anything like that but I’ve still found myself thinking “well maybe I should look like that” or “that’s what people all look like, why don’t I?”Definitely need to take a step back and remember it’s not all real!!

  14. This is so true! Social media is a way to show how amazing life can be, and rarely shows the harsh realities. Whenever I hangout with friends I try as hard as I can to turn my phone face down so I’m not tempted to check it but it can be difficult at times. Especially as a blogger it seems like our instagram feeds have to be a certain aura of perfection, with a theme we follow and not adding things out of that aesthetic. I hope that we learn to love ourselves without the need for approval by social media

    1. I agree there is always such a pressure to have a perfect theme as a blogger. Definitely social media doesn’t make us any better as a person.

  15. What a good post! Social media is the core to everything now it seems and it’s used for so many different things which I love. But it can be misleading and a lot of people compare their lifestyle to someone else’s “highlights” which they shouldn’t do! I think it really is great to cut down, I’ve done it since becoming a mother so I can spend more time with my little one and I love it, I love my life but I do enjoy popping on every now and then.

    Jordanne ||

  16. I love how relatable this post I am guilty of not being happy with how many likes I got on Instagram especially before I have even deleted photos it’s crazy how much pressure
    You can feel. Thank you for a honest post x

  17. Love this, completely agree that social media is very misleading especially when you have all these big celebrities posting unrealistic, photoshopped pictures! Great post!

  18. I love this post. I think sometimes we’re all guilty of forgetting that we only see a small percentage of peoples lives online, so we can’t live by social media. It’s not realistic in the sense that we don’t see what goes on behind the scenes – and even for our own social media accounts, it’s easy to twist it so it seems like we have the perfect lives. I definitely agree with what you say about become less connected even though we feel more connected. Great post!


  19. This is a really great post Harriet! It’s so relevant to today and it’s really worrying that young girls are growing up with this added pressure. We’re quite lucky to have just missed it. I think that because bloggers and vloggers started out as ordinary people, we kind of feel like their perfection is a little more real as opposed to, say, Victoria Beckham or Miranda Kerr. But, like you said, we only ever see 10 minutes of someone’s day or the more attractive photos we take, which is completely fine since I’m sure no one would want to post a photo of themselves they weren’t happy with! It’s just remembering that everyone is human at the end of the day and we all have bad days and no one’s life is really perfect! Also, loveeeee your jeans! xxx

    1. Thank you!I agree but even at 18 I still feel the pressure. Exactly no one is perfect! Thanks again I am a little obsessed with them!

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