Welcome to Living the Life you Love. I’m Harriet, currently 18 years old and would regard myself as a fitness/health/lifestyle/beauty blogger. (Well basically a little bit of everything) I am studying sports science at university, and living in the great city of London.

I have a passion for a healthy lifestyle and aim to promote happiness and well being to all of you!!

I made this blog due to suffering with a knee injury and just having a little extra time on my hand. I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs, especially recipe and adventure posts! This has inspired me to start. Everything is just a casual chat between us all and full of happiness.

All the products in this blog have been purchased by myself unless I state otherwise. All the photos have been taken my myself unless I also state otherwise.

If any of you would like to get in touch, for any post requests, or for a little chat feel free to hit up the contact page!!