Isolation Outfits: Cute & Comfy at Home

For someone who loves all things fashion being at home is a bit of a weird one. I have absolutely no clue what to wear.
I lasted about two weeks in trackies and pyjamas before I became sick of feeling lazy and grubby. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I’m trying to wear ‘everyday’ outfits to make me feel that little bit more normal. This doesn’t mean that I’m dressing up all the time, you’ll still find me wearing pyjama bottoms, but as a whole I do enjoy wearing nice clothes. Most days I do tend to wear leggings, but I’ve finally found some other outfits that give me the perfect balance of feeling put together whilst also comfy. 

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I’m going to get the first one out of the way because it’s a bit of a shocker. I am wearing jeans in the house.  Yes jeans from the comfort of my own living room. Not something I thought I would ever say, but during a global pandemic anything goes. Nothing tight, I’m sticking to wide and straight leg to give me room for movement (and a lot of food).  Jeans really do make me feel like things are just slightly normal, even if I just put them on for a trip to Tesco’s my mood actually goes up.

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There are not many pieces I say this about, but it was love at first sight with this Zara knitted co-ord. Once I laid eyes on it I knew I had to have. It’s cute and comfy, aka the perfect combo for lock down. I’ve been wearing this in the mornings to lounge around the house, and when the sun makes an appearance it’s become my sunbathing outfit. As well as the shorts and crop top they also do a matching cardigan, which would be great for when things are a bit cooler. Zara are absolutely killing it with the basics right now, they do other cute lounge wear pieces and so many staple tops, I think I might have to do another cheeky order. 

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Trousers wise I’m wearing my comfy ribbed straight legs or my my flares. These are the perfect thing to make you feel put together, but in reality they are just as comfy as trackies. Ever since I got myself a pair I’ve been wearing them everywhere, lectures, nights out, and now I’m living in them at home. I often pair them with an oversized top or jumper for extra comfort with still a bit of style.
When the weather has been nice oversized dresses have been my go to.  I love wearing dresses, it makes me feel like summer is here and I don’t have a care in the world (v far from the current truth).  When the sun is shinning, I’ll put on a floaty dress and pour myself a large gin, a perfect way to spend a warm afternoon if you ask me.

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As much as I love wearing nice outfits, getting ready and feeling good, it’s not an everyday occurrence. To be honest most days you’ll find me wearing leggings and an oversized jumper with my hair thrown up on top of my head.
What have you been loving wearing this lockdown?
H xxx

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