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Surprisingly during this lockdown I’ve really enjoyed creating content. Admittedly I was a little nervous at first, my house isn’t really ‘instagrammable’ and at home shots are very different to what I normally create. However, I’ve now completely fallen in love with shooting again and can feel my creative juices flowing. Creating content at home can be really tricky so I thought I would share some tips and tricks to get you started.



Natural light is your best friend. The more light you can get into your photo the less editing you’ll have to do after. I tend to shoot on sunny days, where I can make the most of the light. I’ve found myself getting really creative playing with the shadows and highlights. For example, positioning an object behind the camera to give off a shadow can really transform a image. When shooting I tend to position my camera in front of a window, that way the light is on the focus of my image. Alternatively you can use an artificial light source, but I would recommend you use something primarily cool toned. This will help keep white looking crisp.


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Use outside, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. As the weather is picking up I’m starting to incorporate outside shots. Imagine picnic scenes from your garden or bright blue skies. I tend to take more neutral toned images so decided to hang up a white sheet for a neural background with a bit of sky peaking through. I absolutely loved the results (first photo in this blog post). It was a little tricky in the wind, but completely worth it.

Got not one to shoot with you, then use a self timer! I often prop my camera up on numerous books, should I get a tripod? Yes, but can you do it without, 100%. I’ll connect my phone with the canon connect app, so I can see what my images will look like, then just mess around until I have a shot I’m happy with. Alternatively you could just use the timer on your phone! Self shooting is working best for me at the moment, I can mess around in front of the camera, taking as long as I want!.However for some shots I’ll quickly grab my family to help me out.

Now is your time to be creative and try new things. You never get it first time round, trust me I’ll take god knows how many photos before I get some I’m happy with. It doesn’t matter if they don’t originally go as planned, it’s all about experimenting and mixing things up. Take some shots that are different to your normal style, maybe focus on outfit details or product imagery. I’ve found myself being a lot more creative, working with different positions and concepts. I would like to think it’s working!!

Don’t we all love a good mirror selfie. Creating content at home can really be that easy. Snap a quick photo of your outfit and you’re good to go. You can also use place your mirror in different places such as outside or in your bed to add that little bit extra to a mirror selfie. Small mirrors can also be used in flat lays to add more detail. I like to place dainty jewellery on them to draw more attention to them.

If you’re struggling with taking images, don’t be afraid to branch out. Content doesn’t have to be new images. Perhaps you could film some IGTVs, styling, cooking, chatty or workouts, the options are endless. Maybe find a new editing style with added text or outlines and then recycle the old images with a new edit.

Let me know what has been working for you

H xxx

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