50 Things to do during Lockdown

Okay I’m bored, like really really bored and I don’t know what to do.  To be honest I’m driving myself mad being at home so I’ve tried to come up with a few ideas to keep me going. So here are 50 things I have done/will be doing during Lockdown!

  • Read a book
  • Do some painting, so therapeutic and good for the soul.
  • Workout- healthy body & healthy mind
  • Do some baking
  • Try a new makeup look
  • Learn Tiktok dances (way more fun than it seems)
  • Do a deep clean (we all know it needs to be done)
  • Try a new look. Dye your brows, cut your hair. After all people won’t be seeing you for a while. I’ve laminated my brows and bleached my hair already! No regrets.
  • Re arrange a room, I do this far too often when I’m bored.
  • Bing watch a series on Netflix. My personal favourites are The Sinner, Money Heist and A Typical.
  • Learn something new, maybe how to French plait your hair or a new language.
  • Go for a walk, the fresh air does you good.
  • Learn to cook a new dish.
  • Do an online pub quiz with your friends. (Zoom is good for this!)
  • Start something new, maybe a blog or a YouTube channel.
  • Have a movie night, with drinks and plenty of snacks. If you’re away from someone you can screen share on zoom to have a movie date!
  • DIY old clothes, tie dye, crop it – restyle to make it into something you would wear today.
  • Try some adult colouring books- trust me these are so relaxing.
  • Keep a diary
  • Give yourself a pamper evening. Bubble bath and face masks.
  • Watch a sunset and appreciate the little things in life.
  • Clean your makeup brushes. I for one always leave it too long!!
  • Offer to help out a neighbour
  • Do a huge puzzle, will hopefully keep you going for a couple of days.
  • Try out Yoga
  • Clear out your wardrobe and sort a bag for charity donations.
  • Paint your nails, get creative with some new nail art.
  • Plan a trip for after lockdown!
  • Have a cocktail evening with people you live with. If you live alone why don’t you group call some friends.
  • Phone a family member that doesn’t live with you .
  • Watch old videos. Perhaps from your childhood or concerts you’ve been.
  • Take some creative photos. Could be of yourself, others, nature, anything!
  • Try a Pinterest hack! There’s honestly so much stuff to do on there. DIY, baking, anything!
  • Play an old game. I’ve recently discovered my old Nintendo DS and have been playing nintendogs, but you could even bring out an old board game.
  • Watch a documentary (Tiger King & The staircase are great!!)
  • If you have a garden do some gardening.
  • Online shop- grow your wish lists!
  • Watch a live stream of animals. Loads of zoos are doing them at the moment. You can find some here.
  • Meditate- so good for reducing anxiety and feeling calm during this time.
  • Make a scrap book. I’ve been meaning to make a few of old holidays and my time at uni!
  • Listen to podcasts! My favs are The S Word, The Receipts
  • Have a picnic in your garden.
  • Write letters to friends, family and lovers. Call me old fashioned but there’s nothing sweeter than a letter. 
  • Reflect and goal set. Take time to appreciate things you’ve achieved and set new goals for the future.
  • Update your CV, spend time working on it so you can secure the best opportunities.
  • Search your loft/attic or garage and see what old stuff you can find.
  • Watch a musical, and singalong while dancing around your house!
  • Do a virtual tour. There’s plenty of museums, nature walks, etc. A quick google and you’re good to go. 
  • Discover some new music, ask your friends or just browse spotifys playlists.
  • Research into your family history. Ancestry is a great website to start.


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I’ve spent most of time procrastinating from my university work, drinking wine and creating content. As much as this is a difficult time, I’m feeling very grateful for the position that I’m in and am enjoying spending time with my family. Wishing you all the best.

H xxx

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