Copenhagen Travel Guide

Winter city breaks are becoming my perfect thing to break up this gloomy season.

I headed to Copenhagen for 3 full days which was the perfect amount of time to see everything we wanted. The city itself is quite small, although Copenhagen has a great transport system we walked everywhere. I was warned it was expensive, but I didn’t think there was much difference when comparing to London. However there was a few places we got stung, once paying over 200dkk for 2 drinks. We had the one drink and quickly left.


I would recommend staying in the centre of the city. We stayed for 2 nights at the lovely Axel Guldsmeden which was about a 5 minute walk from the central station. Couldn’t get more convenient then that. Everywhere we wanted to go was easy enough to walk to.

The hotel has a Balinese feel with a large focus on sustainability. I’m a sucker for interior and wow does Axel Guldsmeden kill it with the interior.


No matter when you go you have to visit Tivoli. At Christmas time it was truly magically, I was in awe of the whole place. There’s no wonder Walt Disney payed a visit to inspire him for Disneyland. The Christmas decorations were like no other, unfortunately photos just don’t do it justice. You’ll have to visit yourself to really see how breathtaking it was. However, if your not there in the festive period don’t worry as they decorate the park to each season.

Theres rides for everyone, big ones, little ones, anything you could think of. To be honest I’m not the biggest fan of rides but the park is worth going to just for the atmosphere. We only went on the one (the roller coaster) which I did thoroughly enjoy and gave a great view of the park. If you’re into rides I would recommend buying the rides pass as each on their own is 30-90 dkk.


Tivoli Food Hall

Yes that’s right, some of the best food in Copenhagen is the food hall of a theme park? I promise you it’s not fast food, chips and burgers. All the stalls are independent or small food brands, meaning you get the quality. We had garlic bread from gorms pizza 50dkk) which was lovely and easy enough to share. We then couldn’t resist the meal combo from Kung Fu. Bao Buns, spring rolls and potato balls. So good that we may have come back to have more… Stopping at the food hall is perfect if you’re already planning to go to Tivoli, but if not you can enter the food area without a ticket?

Torvehallerne market

If you’re a big foodie, this market is a must. We had to do a couple of laps before we finally decided what we were eating. We settled for some sandwiches, which I promise wasn’t as boring as it sounds. Mine was portobello mushroom and goats cheese, and my boyfriend went for steak. We were also eyeing up the sushi and pizza, if I could go back I would definitely give them a try. If you have a sweet tooth there were plenty of options for desert, so many chocolates, ice creams and bakery treats. However a few places only take card, so I would recommend taking a card which doesn’t charge extras abroad.


I’ve never been to a botanical gardens before and I was absolutely blown away by it. I’m not really a nature kinda girl but I loved it. I would say it seems quite similar to Kew Gardens, but definitely worth the visit!


I’m a sucker for ice skating. Although I’m terrible it’s one of my favourite things to do in the festive period. The rink is open in December and January. It has such a local vibe to it, not so much a tourist trap but a place where people go to have fun. I must admit there wasn’t much around, but the walk there was a nice way to explore the neighbourhood and for me me it was worth going just to skate.


Looking for those iconic colourful streets, then nyhaven is the place to go. The area itself is actually quite small, the view with the canal was gorgeous, definitely a must visit. During the festive period there was a few Christmas stalls. But if your not visiting at that time there were plenty of restaurants around, including a very good Italian.


If you’re into your history the castle is a lovely attraction to spend a couple of hours. The interior is to die for, dreaming of the day when my house will look like this. There is also the Crown Jewels which were stunning and really interesting.

Sites that we missed include the round tower, which is known for some amazing views of the city. Free town Christiania, the hippie town is meant to be a really interesting place to visit.

Copenhagen was the perfect quick city break, I would definitely recommend. Be sure to check out some of my other travel posts!

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  1. Looks like a gorgeous place, defo on my travel list! Thank you for mentioning that it can be quite expensive cause I treat money like monopoly money abroad so its good to know some places are pricey! X

    1. It was amazing! Fairly similar to London prices, but definitely a bit spenny. So do I, especially in Copenhagen the Danish krone is literally 10x the £1, doesn’t feel real constantly spending 100s!!

  2. Thank you so much for this Harriet! I just booked a trip to Copenhagen yesterday so this has popped up just at the right time 🥰 i’ll Definitely be clinging onto these recommendations x x

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