Christmas with Moonpig

It’s officially well and truly the festive season. Time for filling my evenings with mince pies, mulled wine and as many cheesy Christmas films as I can fit in. But most importantly it’s the season of giving.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited down the Moonpig’s HQ to talk all things Christmas and experience what they are doing to make this season truly special. I’ve used moonpig numerous times due to how convenient and special it is, but after spending an evening at their HQ I’ve realised how much you can do!

The event started by being greeted with a Pornstar martini (best cocktail ever, don’t argue with me), with many more festive cocktails to follow. After a quick discussion of what moonpig offers this Christmas we jumped straight into some activities.

Personalised Christmas Cards

Moonpig prides itself on being personal and convenient. Every card you send is unique, it has a set purpose and that makes it so special. You can customise text, add images and pick a card that perfectly suits the recipient.  There’s just something special about sending that perfect card to that special someone, Christmas really is #HeartfeltWithMoonpig .

During the event I made my own personalised christmas card, and wow does moonpig have a LOT of templates to choose from. I love the idea of personalising a card, so hope my family enjoy a card with my face on this year!

Christmas Flowers

6A68CFAC-BF9D-481F-9192-7A9135935F32.jpegAfter making cards we then turned our attention to arranging flowers. Something I wanted to be really good at, but unfortunately something I need a little more practice in. I do love the finish look, and there’s plenty of other festive bunches on Moonpig if these are not your cup of tea.

I’m a sucker for flowers at anytime of the year, and Christmas flowers just top it off. Moonpig do a postbox flowers service, so you can gift flowers to anyone this season. I love the idea of receiving a bunch and being able to arrange them however you want. These festive arrangements are perfect for the centre piece of your table.



As well as flowers and cards moonpig do a whole load of gifts. Who knew? Alcholol, toys, beauty, honestly anything you can think of. And boy you bet there are things you can personalise too!

Thank you to Moonpig for such a lovely evening.

*event coverage and photos by Elouisa

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