Breaking into the Influencer industry. Micro Influencers, payments, gifting and establishing yourself.

The term micro influencer gets thrown around quite a bit, and to be honest there is no real categorisation of what constitutes to being one. Some sources say anyone from 1,000 to 100,000 followers is categorised as an micro influencer.  In my eyes anyone can be considered as an micro influencer and you don’t have to have a lot of followers. However looking at this figure, I would consider someone at 50-100k followers is already an established influencer.

As a micro influencer pushing yourself into the industry can be hard. There’s no structure or guidelines and no one talks about a thing. I’ve found myself in many situations were I felt lost and just didn’t know where to start. When I first begun in this industry I had no clue how many opportunities were available nor how to establish myself to gain opportunities.


Getting opportunities

Simple things you should be doing as a micro influencer are:

  • Having your email in a bio – easy way for brands to contact you
  • Having your location in your bio – some opportunities are location specific, let brands know where you are
  • Tagging brands – this highlights your work to brands, and from using or promoting a certain brand they may become interested in working with you.
  • Create content brands would like. If brands like and use content similar to yours then you’re more likely to be able to work with them in the future. BUT remember to be unique and stay true to yourself.
  • Upload regularly, be active most days and try to engage with your audience.

How to ask/get paid work?

One thing that friend once told me is that if a brand contacts you then remember they want to work with you, and quite often they will have budget available for influencers. It can be quite daunting asking to be paid, but if you believe in your content then go for it! So how do you do this? I tend to ask if there is budget available for the campaign, and highlight the time and effort you intend to spend on creating content. It’s that simple! You could also create a media kit (collection of stats & previous work) and send that over while asking for budget, this will highlight your worth as a micro influencer. The worst that will happen is a brand will say no and in that case you can either continue to work with them regardless or you can choose not to. Since asking brands if they have a budget, I’ve been really surprised at how many do! So know your worth and don’t be scared to ask. Some brands will contact you and ask for your fees directly. It’s great to see brands realise the quality and worth of working with you.

When should you do paid work?

I don’t think there is a certain amount of followers you need to start doing paid work. If in the ad the brand gets reposing rights then it doesn’t matter too much on your followers. Either way the brand is getting content that they can post on their channels. As much as we should push to be paid sometimes it’s not needed. For me with brands I go out and buy regularly I am happy to accept gifting. With regards to payment, you need to think who is getting more out of a gifting collaboration. If you are receiving a large amount of product in gifting, the value of the product may be equal to what you feel you are giving the brand. However if you feel like the brand is gaining more from the collaboration then you are, ASK for budget!

How much should you charge?

If brands have available budget they will then ask you what your rate is. Make sure you don’t under sell yourself. Think about how much time it takes you to create content and any additional costs that you may have. Such as props, travel for your destination, photographer charges etc. Then calculate a rate that reflects this. A general rule in the industry is to charge 1% of your following. However it’s not quite like this for those under 10k, it’s often more. I can tell you that I charge no where near 1% of my following, so don’t feel like you have to stick to this rule. Another thing that is commonly said, is that you should never charge under £100. I’ve actually done a lot of work for under £100 as for a long time I was scared of charging that figure, but now I feel very comfortable doing so. If a brand doesn’t accept your original figure it’s not the end of the world, and quite often you can come to an agreement that suits you both. I am yet to come across this, so who knows maybe I am still charging too little…

Don’t write off gifting

I find a lot of people go on about not working for free and knowing your worth. As much as I stand by knowing your worth, I do think gifting is great and not something to cut out. Working on a gifting campaign is still something I do regularly and I really enjoy. Working on a gifting basis I tend to have no conditions from the brand. I can post the items if I want and don’t need specific shots or hashtags. This makes content open to you and if you do like the products then go for it, if you don’t oh well you’re under no obligation! With brands I love and buy from regularly, I’m always happy to accept gifted work, however I do still ask for budget when I feel it’s needed.

Don’t be afraid to slide into my DM’s if you ever have any questions

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