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Being into fashion and the influencer industry there’s always a pressure to stay on top of the latest trends and to constantly buy new clothes. I must say I am a little guilty of buying more clothes than I should, but in an attempt to care for the environment I’m working on some small changes. Fast fashion has become very prominent in today’s society. We all love keeping up with the latest trends but at what cost to our environment? I don’t want to be someone who’s super preachy and says don’t ever buy anything again. It’s not realistic! Instead I want to encourage a change in mindset. It’s okay to re wear clothes, it’s okay to buy secondhand and it’s okay not to constantly refresh your wardrobe. With the pressure of social media we are constantly shown the need and demand for new clothes, no one dares wear the same thing twice or buys something old. It’s all about new clothes and new looks every single day. However in real life I wear the same things over and over again, some of my stuff isn’t this season and you know what? I don’t care.

So here are small changes that I’m looking to make.

4616C431-60FA-44D1-9A86-C1A491A31BD1Buy from small sustainable businesses. A lot of small fashion businesses uses both sustainable & ethical materials and processes. Dala is one of these. They aim to make timeless pieces that will last with people for years. I was kindly gifted this Gingham Smock dress but I’m writing this due to how impressed I was. The dress was so gorgeous and you could tell how well it was made. The quality is amazing and you can tell the love that has gone into making it. Purchasing for these business helps promote the wear of sustainable clothes and supports a brand that doesn’t focus on mass production.

However, a lot of high street shops are jumping on the sustainable trend. A big shout out to Monki who have their Monki Cares line. Although not all their clothes are sustainable a big proportion is. The Monki cares line uses 100% sustainably sourced cotton as well as recycled materials such as wool and polyester. Currently online they have 1600 products in their Monki Cares line, so there is lots to choose from. Buying from these ranges highlights to big brands that sustainability is important to the consumer. Make sure you look out for other brands that are pushing for sustainability!

Invest in good quality and re wear. Yes I know denim is one of the worst and uses god knows how many litres of water. But denim has been a staple trend for so many years and it’s very prominent in most of our wardrobes. Now, I’ll let you into a little secret I constantly am wearing my Levis jacket that actually use to be my dads. Which he insists proves that he too use to keep up with the trends… Besides the point is this jacket has been through a hell of a lot, and it’s still in such good condition. I think it really shows that investing in good quality denim makes all the difference. I am always one for a bargain, but investing in a staple piece of quality denim is actually worth it. Rather than grabbing yourself a quick bargain, for you to only have to replace in a couple of months down the lie. High quality denim like Levi’s are often found in vintage shops.  I’ve seen both jackets and jeans for under £30 which is on par with most high street shops. You can get yourself a bargain as well as being sustainable by giving vintage clothes a new life.

67DA2A05-E258-4973-9C54-3BB5C576DDC3Continuing on buying old clothes, I actually love depop and have brought a fair few things on there. It’s a great way to either sell your old clothes or find the clothes you’ve always been after. On the plus side you’ll probably get a bargain, I scored my topshop white jeans on there for a tenner! I’ve also seem a lot of people shop in charity shops. Ew charity shops you say, well let me tell you I’ve seen people get a whole lot of good things from a charity shop, so always worth looking. You can score some high brands in there for a fraction of the price, so don’t be put off my looking!!

With the topic of sustainability there is always a pressure to do so much. However I am firm believer of every small change can lead to a difference. I am not perfect but I am making small changes to hopefully lead to a more sustainable life.

H xxx

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