Best Sunset Spots in Mykonos

If you’re going to Mykonos I’m sure you’ll have already seen how incredible the sunsets are. There’s barely a cloud in the sky and the views are quite often breathtaking. It’s fair to say that Mykonos has some of the best sun sets I’ve ever seen.

Here’s my guide to my favourite sunset spots we found.

Hippy Fish

I had already heard of Hippy Fish before we visited and it was right on the top of my list. It’s right on the beach so the absolute perfect location for anytime of the day, but sunset down there is really special.

Their reputation for food, drinks and sunsets is well lived up to. We went there on our first night and decided to head back again on our last because it was that good. It’s the perfect venue for evening drinks as often they have a dj making it a vibe.

Kapari Beach

If you’re not looking to spend much one night grab yourselves a picnic and head down to the beach for a relaxing sunset. Kapari beach was the perfect spot, it wasn’t too far of a walk from our hotel and easily accessible by an ATV. Kapari was really a local spot which gave it a really nice atmosphere and to be honest was probably one of my favourite sunsets.

Little Venice

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Little Venice. Situated in the the heart of Mykonos it really has the vibe of the whole island. There’s plenty of bars and restaurants, but if you’re looking to sit there to watch the sunset I would recommend booking a table in advance. As you can imagine food and drink in the area is a little pricey, but you are paying for one of the most iconic sunset spots, so maybe treat yourself to a fancy meal.

Your hotel

Watching the sunset from our hotel was probably one of my favourite nights. We grabbed some snacks and a few drinks and watched the sunset from our very own balcony. The hotel we stayed was called Apsenti (it’s couples only) and I can not recommend it enough. The place itself was stunning, and the views were something else. Honestly one of the best points for sunsets, but equally it was nice to enjoy some time alone to relax and take it all in.

The windmills

Looking for a similar view to Little Venice but without the price tag? Then the windmills is your place. Again it will be busy, so get there early if you want to grab a good spot. The height of the windmills gives such a lovely view of the sea and little Venice. We brought a bottle of wine and sat watching the sunset. It’s a lovely vibe but full of tourists, so if that’s not your sort of thing then give it a miss. However for us it was a must do.

Let me know where you’ve seen your favourite sunset.

H xxx

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