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Santorini, that place you see all over social media. The white houses, the caldera views, the sunsets. Everything about the place is so picture perfect. For me Santorini is the dream place to relax, have time to soak up the sun and drink a bit too much wine. After a full on week in Mykonos, spending a couple of days lazing around in Santorini was perfect for us. However, if relaxing isn’t the sort of thing you’re after there’s plenty for everyone, no matter what you’re after. There’s a lot to see and explore in the towns as well as beaches, water activities and so much good food.

We got there by ferry from Mykonos, it takes about 2 hours and you get given specific seats which is a huge plus. I would recommend booking a transfer from the port as it’s a bit manic when you get there. We only stayed for 2 nights which for us was the perfect amount of time to end our holiday. It was long enough to see everything we wanted but didn’t feel like we were there forever. However we could have easily stayed longer and visited places such as the red or black sand beach. 


We stayed in the gorgeous town of Oia, it’s the slightly smaller and ‘quieter’ part of the island (still quite busy), making it the perfect spot to relax. Definitely the spot to stay on the island, there are so many amazing hotels and apartments. If you’re after those typical instagram scenes of the white buildings and blue top churches, Oia is where you’ll find them. The views for the sunset are absolutely insane, I can hands down say the best sunset I’ve ever seen. I would definitely say Oia is one of the spots in the island to watch.

Our hotel was Old Castle Oia and wow I can not recommend this place enough. Each room has its own private pool which quickly became our favourite spot. The sunset from the rooms was absolutely incredible, I’ve never felt so lucky than when I was sitting in that pool watching the sunset To make things even better the sunset boat cruises came so close to us, making us realise we did really have the perfect spot.

Food and Drink

Budget Friendly:

  • Mezzo. Probably one of the cheapest meals we had but was so good. I had a veggie Mossaka which I had wanted to try all holiday and safe to say I wasn’t disappointed.


  • PitaGyros, I couldn’t go to another Greek island without eating more…
  • Floras Ice Cream, some of the best home made ice cream ever and it comes in a black cone!

Dinner with a view:

  • Pelekanos, one of the best restaurants on the island to watch the sunset.


Fira is the main town on the island, it’s bigger and there’s a lot more to do than Oia. It’s about a half hour bus ride from Oia and under €2 so definitely worth the visit. Whether you’re staying in Oia or Fira I would say you need to visit both towns to really get a feel of the Island.

We spent a whole day exploring the streets of Fira there’s a lot to see and it’s really quite easy to spend a day there.  They have huge churches and show a bit more of the religious culture. The town has amazing views of the caldera, which is just in front of the town. The views of caldera are probably one of the best on the island, a lot better than Oia!

Food and Drink


  • Two Brothers, budget friendly drinks and a great happy hour for cocktail.


  • Why Not! Souvlaki, I couldn’t go to another town without getting a Gyros!


  • Classico, beautiful view of the Caldera along with gorgeous food. The perfect spot to watch the sunset for an evening meal or just a few drinks.

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  1. Oh wow, this is incredible! I’ve never been, and I don’t think I’d ever even heard of Oia before. I would have wanted to stay there, too, as you did for finding it a bit quieter so a little more relaxed. The architecture is fascinating, and the weather looks perfect. You’ve got great photos, too! xx

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