What University has taught me.

So that’s it. Three years just flashed past like it was nothing. I honestly can’t believe I am done.

For the last three years I’ve been studying sports science in London. That may come as a shock to a lot of you, most people assume I study something like media, PR, journalism etc. I absolutely adore my course and I love having the blogging world as a complete contrast. Next year I’ll be studying MSc Physiotherapy and after I’ll be a fully qualified physio, eeeek!!

University experiences can be so different between people and I completely understand it’s not for everyone, but for me it’s been an absolutely amazing few years. So much that I’m starting a 2 year masters degree. I am so grateful for all my friends and the experience I’ve had over the past two years. Let’s bring on the masters!!

Independence can be a wonderful but University can also be lonely.

University has allowed me to make so many wonderful friends that I’m very grateful for. Yet at the same time it can turn into a very lonely place. If you’re feeling down it’s so easy to isolate yourself from everything and hide away. As much as you constantly hear that university will be the best time of your life, being at uni isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Going out really isn’t all that.

Trust me I’ve done it and I’ve done it hard. University is great for a social life and I’m always one for a drink and night out, but after 3 years of constant night outs you start to realise it’s a little over rated. Now I’m not saying I’m over it all; because we all know I’m not done just yet. However, I use to have such bad FOMO (fear of missing out) I never wanted to miss anything and I would throw myself into anything and everything, but as I’ve grown older I’ve realised that most nights out are average. I don’t need to go to every night out to make memories and when I do decide to it makes the times I do go out even better.

You have to WANT it.

If you’re just starting university you need to be interested in your course. Especially considering you’ll be writing 10,000 words on an topic at the end of it. When I was at school you would have the teachers pushing you, you had to do homework and attend lessons. But at University it’s all down to you. No one cares if you come to lectures or stay up to date with assignment work. To be honest no one cares if you fail, they’ve got your 9 grand and that’s all they want. You have to work for you, you have to want it and be willing to put in the effort. I had a crazy year in 2nd year and this year I really settled down to work. I wanted this degree and I wanted to do the best I possibly could. A quote that I always stand by is, work hard now to help your future self.

but balance is important

As much as you have to put effort in to your work having a social life is also a key factor. It’s important to learn how to manage your time efficiently  so you can work hard but still give yourself free time to do whatever you want. It’s okay if you don’t do that at first, everything can be a little tricky, but trust me you’ll get it in the end.

It doesn’t matter if you still don’t know what you want to do.

Before university there was all these people who knew exactly what they wanted to do. There life was planned down to the finest detail. Trust me I wasn’t one of those, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. So, I picked a general course that I knew I had a passion for and decided I would figure out what I exactly wanted to do after. Now I’ve found what I really love and can’t wait to continue studying and create myself the future career I want. However, it doesn’t matter if you finish and still don’t know what you want to do. You’ll still young and have so much ahead of you, you don’t have to have it all planned out.

You can balance things 

For some people university can be seen as a place where you can say goodbye to your free time, where your social life and studies have taken over. Now let me tell you that is not the case, in my third year I easily balanced studying, a social life, a part-time job and making various trips to london for blogging opportunities. I know all courses are different but in all honesty I know a lot of people that were able to managed a part-time job while studying.

Have you been to university and what has it taught you?

H xxx

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  1. I’m heading into my final year of uni in September and I’m both excited and terrified all in one. You definitely have to want it, especially since you have to write such a long diss at the end of it – the motivation has to be there!

    Lucy | Forever September

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