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If you follow my instagram, you would have seen I have just got back from Amsterdam. I was there for four days which I would say was the perfect amount of time, for everything we wanted to do. The weather is a bit like the British, a bit hit and miss. Although we were really lucky with it, I would recommend taking a really thick coat and umbrella. Hats are a super cute bonus.

Amsterdam itself is stunning. Everywhere you look is another photo opportunity. I could barely put my phone down. We stayed just under a half hour walk from the centre, which I actually really enjoyed. It gave us the opportunity to explore the city, to see some quieter streets and canals we probably wouldn’t of stumbled across. You could honestly spend hours getting lost in the streets, there so much to wander and so much to see.


The one thing that’s so surprising about Amsterdam is the variety of things to do. The culture changes so often, it’s crazy how everything so vastly varies from street to street.

You can’t go to Amsterdam and not visit the Red Light district. Now let me tell you it is a little weird. No matter what time of day you go, you will for sure get to see the culture of it, if you know what I mean. It does have quite an atmosphere and it’s so interesting to walk around and see such a large part of Amsterdam’s history. There are various museums to visit which are rather entertaining to go round. Although this is one of the things Amsterdam is most famous for, the city itself has so much more to offer.

The Museumplein is home to so many museums in Amsterdam.We visited in December and during this time they have ICE Amsterdam for the festive period. There’s a lovely ice rink and quite a few little Christmas stalls that really get you in the festive mood. However if you don’t visit in the festive period there is still plenty to do. The Van Gogh museum and the Rijksmuseum are two of the most popular museums on the square and definitely seem worth a visit. The area itself has a huge amount of green space, which I imagine is lovely in the summer.

From November to late January the light festival runs, where loads of breathtaking light displays are placed along the canals. Each year has a theme and this year it was ‘the medium is the message’.  For some reason walking around we struggled to ‘bump’ into a lot of them so we decided to take a canal boat to see all of the lights. This was honestly an amazing experience. It was so lovely to explore the city in the dark, and see such amazing work. The tour lasted 90 minutes and was a perfect way to end our trip.

On the top of my list in Amsterdam was to go to the Anne Frank house. It was an amazing experience and so emotional to finally put a place to the story I’ve heard for many years. The layout of the house has been done so well and you really get the whole story with such a journey through the house. I would urge anyone to go if they get the chance. It’s best to book tickets in advance as I know many people were left disappointed when none were available. 


I am a massive foodie, and I can fully admit I ate far too much. But that’s what holidays are for right? There is honestly so many amazing places to eat, and we weren’t once disappointed. I’ll quickly mention a few of my favourites that you NEED to try.

Stroopwafel. You can’t come to Amsterdam and not eat a stroopwafel. It just has to be done. Van wonderen was the best place to go. A little bit pricier than some food stalls but well worth it. You got to watch them cook your waffle fresh, and fresh baked food always smells so good. You then got to pick a topping. There were so many options such as oreos, nuts, chocolate, M&Ms, marshmallows. But my favourite had to be the salted caramel.

Kessens. This was probably one of my favourite places that we found. I love little cafes when I don’t want to eat a full meal. We found this close to the Anne Frank house and wow the food was SO good. I got a dutch cheese croquette on toast. Biggest cheese fan over here and I thoroughly rated it. I also got a pearl coscous salad, which was full of flavour. My boyfriend got a steak sandwich which he said was probably his best meal of the holiday. So definitely worth a visit.

Sotto Pizza. I can not go anywhere without having a pizza and god did we find a little gem. The place itself was a little outside of the main city rush and it was fairly busy, proving to be quite popular. There was so many options on the menu and really a pizza to suit anyone. The pizzas are freshly cooked in a wood fire oven, and nothing really beats that!  

Polaberry is honestly any Instagrammers dream. The shop is light pink and covered in flowers and wait until you see the food. It’s even cuter. You’ve probably seen their cake pops and chocolate bars all over the gram. They are bloody adorable. I got a chocolate cake pop and it was lovely, my boyfriend got a truffle chocolate and a hot chocolate which he said was great.

Amsterdam was one of my favourite places I’ve ever visited and I would love to go back some day!

H xxx

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