Accessories for the New Year

I love this time of year, everyone is constantly in a good mood and festivities are in full swing. The whole of December is just a dam good month, and we get to finish it off with the new year. New year is one my favourite times, I just love an excuse to dress up and have a party. Accessories are always a MUST for me. Little details just complete a whole look and I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of my favourites.

Ardell Wispies, aka the lashes of dreams. These are the one lashes that I wear over and over.  No matter what lashes I try I always find myself going back to these. Personally I’m not a fan of huge lashes. I find they just look too big on my little eyes and it’s just too much. Wispies are the perfect ones for me, they give me that something that makes my lashes look amazing and that little bit more than natural, but they are not over powering.

Impress Nails. Having your nails done just make you feel like you’ve got your life together right? Normally I am an acrylic girl for special occasions, but right now my nails need a bit of a break. So my quick fix best option is the Impress stick on nails. These are my favourtie stick on brand as they come is so many colours and varieties. You can really grab the perfect match to any outfit. My advice would be take your time applying these, because if you rush it they won’t stay on long. Doing it properly and taking your time does ensure they last a good couple of days.

I love phone cases, and although they aren’t really an accessory, we always have our phones on them, so why can’t we make them super cute. This phone case from Maison de Sabre is stunning, anything personalised wins my heart. It’s leather and has such a luxe feel. I choose red as it’s perfect for this time of year and gives a pop of colour to any outfit. There’s plenty of other colours available to pick, plus you can get your initials in gold or silver text.

Watches are such a simple accessory but really pull any look together. Since getting mine from ADEXE I’ve none stop worn it. Before I would throw on a watch every now again, but I pretty much wear this everyday. Plus I start using it to read the time (that’s what its for dummy), I know I sound silly but it means I stop relying on my phone so much. Mines the sphere petite black and rose gold and it pretty much goes with everything.

Johnny loves Rosie always kills it with accessories. Everything is so dainty and makes you look so elegant. I haven’t worn a headband since I was in my young  teenage years, and god does it bring back a few memories. I’ve got the thin black embellished headband, it’s perfect for daytime wear and even looks fab for dressy evenings too. I love wearing this to keep my hair off my face, stops that awful sweaty look when your hair just sticks to you.

Another non accessory (wow good going Haz), but a polaroid camera is a must for creating the cutest memories. We all take photos so many times on things like our phones but there’s something so special about a polaroid. The film is rather pricey for what it is, but it makes me save using it for special occasions. I always love the outcome of the pictures and you’ll find them all over my bedroom wall.

What are your essentials this party season?

H xxx

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