Updated Skincare Routine

Now let me tell you. I am awful at looking after my skin. Luckily I am blessed with quite good skin, but as soon as I get a couple of little spots I feel like my world is ending. It’s then I usually get my butt in gear and start to formulate a little routine. Only to last me a few weeks before I end up giving up again. However this time it’s been a little different. I’ve actually stuck to using a few products for quite a while now and I’m actually seeing a difference to my skin. I’ve got more of an even surface that’s soft but not greasy. Especially with the change of season my skin often gets a little bit dry and breaks out easier. I’ve found it even more important to start finding my perfect skincare routine.

I’ve never really been interested in cleansing brushes, I’ve always seen them as something I wouldn’t really need. But boy am I wrong. I’ve been using the Sensse Facial electrical cleansing brush for quite a while now and god my skin feels so soft. Using the brush not only allows the product to get deeper into my skin with the tiny bristles but also encourages me to clean my face longer. Sounds weird right? But it just does. Normally I’m a quick rub it into your face and rinse kinda girl, however I’ve found myself using this for longer than I usually would cleanse my face for.

Moisturiser wise I am always a bit wary. I want soft skin but I don’t want it to be greasy, and that’s often a problem I find. One brand that I always rely on is Mario Badescu. I have been using their oil free moisturiser since summer and I’ve found it the perfect product for my skin.  It’s a little bit more pricey to most skincare products I use but it’s definitely worth it.  As much as being a student means I love a bargain, I’ve started to learn that sometimes a extra splurge is worth it. But don’t fret, drugstore skincare is still the one for me. When I’m getting a few problem dry areas I use the Herbal Hydrating serum on top of the moisturiser and within a few days my skins back feeling soft.

Botanics are brand I’ve been using for a while, I enjoy a lot of their products but I’ve never really fell in love with one before. The Refining microdermabrasion polish has completely changed that. I only use this about once a week and often after a basic cleanser so my skin is already cleansed and soft. It helps get rid of dead skin and smooth my skin to a even tone. I tend to only do this once as I don’t want to be too rough with my skin.

The lovely team over at Cinere sent me over a few bits to try. Most of skincare is random bits and pieces so I was rather excited to try a whole collection.  I use the cleansing milk most days in the evening to maintain moisture while removing makeup that I’ve undoubtedly missed. I’ll apply the cleansing toner after my morning skincare routine. This gives a nice base for my makeup and helps my foundation give an even coverage.

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