Knitwear with Femme Luxe

It’s finally knitwear season and I am living for it. I love the whole cosy vibe and the fact that I can actually embrace the cold.  Jumpers are meant to keep you warm right? And that’s all I wanted. A massive over sized cosy jumper is usually the key to my heart in these colder months. For me autumn and winter is often a time where my fashion goes out the window. I tend to live in jeans with a jumper and if I’m honest it’s probably not the nicest outfit I’ve ever worn. This autumn I’ve decided I am going to embrace my style and actually make an effort while still being cosy.

Off the shoulder jumpers were something I would stay clear off. Too impractical and far from cosy. Autumn and knitwear for me have been full of neutral colours since can remember. And god pink was something I would never of reached for. Yet here I am choosing a pink off the shoulder jumper and absolutely living for it. I thin this is going to become my favourtie knitwear piece this season. Its slightly oversized but draws in at the waist and the the off the shoulder aspect makes it so flattering. I love throwing this on with any pair jeans, for that simple look that makes you look a little more put together than you actually are. Always an absolute saviour at uni when you’re running late.

Bright colours are something I love yet something I’m always a little hesitant to wear. When I scrolled past this top I couldn’t resist it. A few years ago striped tees were my thing and I had a rather unhealthy obsession with too many tops that basically all looked the same. Why Harriet why? However seeing this top made me relive that obsession but also showed me how I could mix up the stripes. The rumour of horzitional stripes being figure flattering is so true. I’ve worn this top out a couple of times and I always seem to get a few complements. So yay so stripes and yay for bracing out your comfort zone.

I tend to style this with a black skirt or black jeans which always me to keep my outfit basic, but also give it that little pop of something extra.

Wow has Femme Luxe seriously converted me and here I am with another off the shoulder jumper. I don’t really know whats happening to me, but I bloody love it. I got this grey in my usual size, but now knowing the fit I wish I would have sized down because it’s a tad big. But big always equals cosy right?? Grey is always a staple in this season. It just goes with everything right? Again this isn’t really my go to style, but I absolutely love it. Guess what? That’s right, I’m actually wearing skinny jeans with this.  I cant remember than last time I’ve worn a pair of Joni jeans, but there I am. I’ve finally branched away from my baby straight leg jeans even if it’s for a day, but I’m actually kinda digging it.

Just want to say a massive thank you to Femme Luxe for sending me these lovely pieces. What styles are you loving this autumn?

H xxx

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