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At last we are getting into that colder weather. No more sweating, no more frizzy hair and no more looking like a hot mess. (let’s hope) I hate this middle sort of thing, where I still want to wear dresses but equally sometimes it gets a little chilly.  Que the return of my staple denim jacket.

I have never really been much of a classy ‘shirt’ girl. It’s something I’ve always seen as a little formal and never really learnt how to style down. I’ve seen so many people jumping on this trend and I wanted to give it a go.  And guess what, It’s confirmed, I am 100% converted. Stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things is something I’ve really tried and do more. Finding me out of a baggy t shirt and my classic straight leg jeans is always a rarity, but I’m kinda digging this change. Don’t fear the jeans are still a staple and my number one in my wardrobe, even with mixing it up they are still my go to.

This shirt is actually my mums (lol), who’s wardrobe I tend to only use for vintage tops.  But there are so many similar ones about, you can grab this similar one form asos here. My bralette is god knows how old and an absolute dream from  Victoria Secret. It’s a size xs which is size I would never even dare look at now. Another reason why the sizing differences fucking suck. Maybe that’s why I always push it to the back of my draws only to rediscover it a month later to remember how much I bloody love it.

Sticking with my staple jeans, I am with everyone other blogger and can’t stop thinking about leopard print. 13 year old me is so hyped this is back on trend, but pls god no leopard print leggings. I love the colours of this, it slightly stears away from the classic print and brightens things up. The sleeves are so comfy and also makes things a little warmer. This wrap top is stunning and I would say flattering on any body type. Thank you for making me look like I have boobs whilst not making them too much. This is from Femme Luxe and they have it in 4 different shades of leopard print, aka a perfect shade for everyone.

A dress and boots is honestly all I’m about this Autumn. Tartan is huge and I now want to keep adding more and more to my wardrobe. Someone pls sponsor my shopping addiction, it’s a serious problem. What I love about this dress is that although it’s right on trend it’s also something a little different. The orange and yellows give off serious autumn vibes and even when we get a little colder, I’ll pop on a pair of tights and I’ll be ready to go.  The dress is from boohoo and you can grab it for £20. Also boohoo have so many beaut dresses that I need this whole autumn.

Let me know what your favourite item is and what trends you’re jumping on this autumn.

H xxx

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