Ditching my camera, Instagram fashion, and THAT cover.

Something I want to start doing is a really chatty post where I talk about whats been on my mind and whats happened in my life the last couple of weeks. I want to give my opinion on things and address issues that have been going on within society. One of my favourtie bloggers Sophie Milner does this so well and I love reading her chatty weekly round up posts, so I thought I would take a little bit of inspo from her.

When I first started out in the whole social media world I became obsessed with cameras. The classic ‘bloggers accessory’ of an Olympus Pen was everywhere. Everyone had one and if you didn’t, you wanted one There was such a strive for high quality photos, and an emphasis on that blurry background. My instagram feed was full of photos of products with a focus on a crisp white marble background. Oh how things change right? Now you can’t get enough of my face. Good thing or a bad thing? I’ll let you decided…

Every photo on my feed was from my camera and I wouldn’t even think about using my phone. Fast-forward a year and hardly anyone is using cameras. The technology on phones has become unbelievable. Not only are phones able to take amazing quality photos but the editing opportunities on apps are limitless. Lightroom is honestly life changing!! Majority of the photos on my feed are taken on my phone and a lot of my blog photos are also. I sometimes bring my camera out but I don’t actually like how the photos look anymore. A feed full of camera photos looks a little ‘fake’ to me, and the feed looks like one massive ad. I want my feed to reflect more of a natural look. I want my posts to be relatable not some over edited professional looking photo. Yes I admit some people can really pull that whole look off, but I’m seeing the majority of influencers also jump on the more natural looking hype.

So carrying on the theme of Instagram I wanted to address the whole Instagram ‘copycat nature’. Something that I’ve seen many people complaining about. We all follow the same structure and create similar content. A lot of high status influencers will edit their photos in a similar manner, their fashion sense will be similar, and so will their body type. Everyone that’s made it all fits into the same mould. We lack originality however we all praise those that follow the trends. My Instagram explore page constantly looks like it’s one feed as every single image on it follows the same theme. We moan about the lack of diversity but all of strive to follow the same pattern. Yet those that branch out often aren’t rewarded. We all have seen it when we post something a little different and it just doesn’t do well. Instagram algorithm helps feed this nature and we all see similar posts reaching a higher amount of accounts, which is something so frustrating but something we can’t help.

We have all seen the latest cosmopolitan cover and it’s something which has been talked a lot about on twitter. I know this is going to be rather controversial but I wanted to add my opinion on the matter. Tess Holliday is absolutely beautiful and I love how she shares her confidences and pushes for body diversity. I am a strong believer in body confidence and I believe everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace the body their in. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is something I feel passionate in and I do not think there is any difference between a size 2 and a size 20. Both sizes are unhealthy in their different ways. Yes we should be reaching for greater body diversity in the modelling and advertising world but we shouldn’t be reaching this from one extreme to the other. I want to see posts of healthy women. Those with the average size that many of us look like and something that’s healthy. Give me cellulite, give me stretch marks and give me some rolls. Show me a ‘normal’ women. I don’t want to see women who are severely underweight or severely overweight.  I say yes to plus size models but I don’t agree with advertising those who are unhealthy. Please tell me what the difference is between using someone who is anorexic to someone who is obese? Overall this is a step in the right direction, but in my view it’s a step too far.

I know we all have different opinions and I’m ready for the clashes.

H xxx

fyi, my top is from Femme Luxe and the skirt is missguided.

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  1. I loved reading this chatty blog post. Thank you so much for sharing your view on body positivity, and I 100% agree with you that everyone should focus on being happy and healthy in their body, whatever shape or weight. The smaller the number of the weighing scales doesn’t mean the healthier the body. Also I always use my iPhone7 for photographs because like you said the quality is amazing, and the ability to edit and share photos straight away is so useful.

    Lily xx
    http://www.lilyroserichards.com | @bloglilyrose

  2. Great post, Harriet! I really admire your chatty style and I want my blog – this year – to focus a lot more on current events. In regards to the Cosmopolitan cover, I understand that Tess is not trying to promote obesity and it’s a more positive stance on being comfortable in your own skin, which I admire. However, like you said, magazines love to go from one extreme to the other but never focus on he middle ground. Either a skinny model to represent the “norm” and then an overweight model in the name of body positivity. What about stretch marks? What about post-pregnant bodies? Rolls? Birth marks? Definitely needs to be more explored because body positivity doesn’t just revolve around overweight models.

    1. Thanks Megan!

      I love writing these chatty sort of posts and often they are my favourtie sort to read. It makes my blog so much more personal. I completely agree with you and never even thought about post pregnant bodies, that would be great to see!

      Harriet x

  3. Hi!
    I loved your post about body positivity. I am passionate about it as well, even though I don’t share it often online. Especially on my blog. But I 100% agree with your thoughts on the Tess Holliday cover.
    People are angry because they are not used to see a plus size model on the cover a fashion magazine. And saying it tells girls to gain weight and imitate it, is just stupid.
    Body positivity is about feeling good in your HEALTHY body.
    That being said, thanks for sharing your opinion. I really really liked it.

    1. Hi Georgia,

      Thanks for your comment.Body positvity is on the rise and it’s so good to see. However as we are we will never be satisfied with what we see.

      Harriet x

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