20 Things I learnt by 20

How the bloody hell am I 20!! Saying goodbye to my teenage years is so scary but I’m excited for all the adventures ahead. I now fit into that inbetweeny stage where I am no longer a teenager but not quite an adult. Like where the hell do I even fit anymore? Cheers to everyone stuck in this phase with me, and lets appreciate these ‘younger’ years while we have them. Because I’ll be continuing avoiding responsibility for as long as I can!

  1. Growing up is scary, make the most of your ‘younger’ years.
  2. Heartbreak hurts, but is such a bloody important learning curve.
  3. Fuck society
  4. Know your self worth, you’re probably better than you think you are.
  5. Love and look after your body, you’ve only got the one.
  6. Peoples opinions are irrelevant. Everyone’s going to have one but as long as you’re happy who gives a dam what they think.
  7. Mistakes happen, but never regret. You live and learn from every action you take. It’s all one journey.
  8. Friends come and go but the important ones will stick around. Look after the good ones.
  9. Naps cure everything.
  10. Gin also cures everything.
  11. It’s ok to sometimes be weak.  Positivity floods social media and is constantly pushed in our lifestyle. But in reality we all need a good cry every now and again.
  12. You can never have too much highlighter.
  13. BE REAL. Never let anyone tell you what to do. Wear what you want, eat what you want, be who you want.
  14. You control your life. People can be toxic, cut them out.
  15. Appreciate your family, you’re never too old for your mum.
  16. Work Hard, Play Harder
  17. Remember it’s important to occasionally push yourself out your comfort zone.
  18. The best things always come as a surprise.
  19. Learn to love yourself before you love anyone else.
  20. Lazy days are important.  Always let yourself have time off to relax.

Now pass me a cocktail,  or maybe 7…

The top I’m wearing is from Boohoo and I am completely obsessed. It’s so easy to style with a simple black belt and mom jeans. You can find it and many other steals in their top category here.

Hope you’re all having a fab summer.

H xxx

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  1. girl you killed it with this post! lmao the third one though! preach sista! Happy birthday lovely! seriously, this post was such a nice read! x

  2. Firstly I larvvv your shirt😍 secondly I definitely preach all of these (especially the one about naps, they’re truly the best), hope you’ve had a fab birthday gal!! Xx

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