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As someone who really isn’t well travelled it’s safe to say Venice is the most stunning place I’ve ever been to. I’ve come back a few shades darker and probably a few pounds heavier. ( you just can’t say no to Italian carbs)

The hotel I stayed at was in the Castello district. This was absolutely perfect location still being on main land Venice with a short walk from St Marks Square but far enough to be away from the rush of the busy tourists. It also made things that little bit cheaper. If you’re looking to go on more of a budget then I would try and avoid St Marks square. As stunning as it is you’ll see the prices of everything double.

Venice itself is honestly mesmerising. You can spend hours and hours exploring all the back streets and still be finding more days later. Every corner is another photo opportunity and you’ll never get bored of the view. One thing that quite a few people mentioned to me before was that it smells. I’m here to verify that Venice does NOT smell and in fact it’s probably one of the cleanest cities I’ve ever been to. However on a slightly negative point I got a fair few mosquito bites but looking around at other tourists this seemed quite common. So bite cream is an absolute must.

If you’re going to Venice you must…

Ride a Gondala.

Yes I know it’s bloody over priced but it just has to be done doesn’t it. It’s such a great way to explore small back streets of the island you haven’t seen, plus you often get a whole lot of information on the culture of the city.

Visit Rialto Bridge.

Another classic spot to visit in Venice and you can’t blame us. If you think the bridge itself is beautiful wait until you he to see the view from it. Being on the grand canal it’s a perfect central location to see a whole lot of the city. The department store T Fondaco Dei Tedeschi is next to the bridge and offers a view from the roof top terrace. You do have to book in advance online buts it’s completely free. This was probably one of my favourite views of the whole trip.

Mainland Venice itself is lovely but a there’s a few gems on the surrounding islands are not to be missed.


This island is every instagramers dream. Think all the colours of Notting Hill but on absolutely every house on the island. Then add the canals running through and the whole place becomes incredible. Everywhere was so picturesque meaning there’s wasn’t a moment I put my camera down. The island is also famous for its biscuits and if you know me you you know I loveeee to eat. I may of even packed a bag of them suitcase, just too good.


Murano has a whole lot culture. Not quite as aesthetic as Burano but still one on the hit list. The majority of the glass in Venice is made here and there’s so many places showing demonstrations. Never would I have put myself as the type of person to enjoy glass blowing but the skill it take is so fascinating. There are various glass gifts that are so cute and such a good keepsake.


If I’m going abroad the one thing I want to come away with is a tan. Life’s just better with a tan right? For me the beach is essential. Especially with all the walking and exploring I was doing on the other days and nice lie down in the sun was well needed. The beach itself is lovely but I will add it can get a little crowded with a large amount of it being a private beach.

Public transport is all waterboats which was always an incredible experience. Who knew I would actually enjoy public transport? The boats provide a great opportunity to see the whole city. After deciding we wanted to see Venice at night one evening we took the boat all around the island. I can honestly not recommend this enough. Yes it took just over a hour but the views were completely worth it.

Unique Places to visit 

I’m always one for finding a few quiet and quirky places and these two had to be my absolute favourites.

Venice is completely full of canal bridges, but there’s only two with no guard rails. One is private so only giving me the opportunity to find the one. Devils Bridge can be found on the island of Torcello. For me it was a place I knew I had to visit. The island itself doesn’t really have much else with a whole lot of nature making it quiet and peaceful  it’s a nice change from the crowded streets in Venezia.

Acqua Alta Library. This self proclaimed ‘Most beautiful bookshop in the world’ certainly lives up to expectations. The whole concept of the store is based on the water and the canals. The books are all placed on things such as baths and Gondolas, really giving it that Venice vibe. To top it all of out the back there’s a staircase made of books. Yes you’re reading this right, stairs made out of books. Once you reach the top you get a lovely view of one of the smaller canals. The whole aesthetic of the shop fitted together so well, just left me wishing I could read Italian.

Venice has been an absolutle dream but I’m so happy to be home. What plans have you got with your summer?

H xxx

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  1. This makes me want to visit Venice even more now! It sounds like you had a really great trip. I am all heart eyes over the houses in Burano. The different colors are just so cute. And that staircase made out of books is so cool! You really found some great places to visit while you were there x

    x Kara | http://karascloset.net/

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