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Going to the beach can sometimes be a daunting experience. For someone who isn’t even happy with their appearance in clothes getting half naked in front of friends or strangers is often a challenge. But trust me pushing past and becoming happy with yourself does feel so good. I use to be absolutely terrified of getting my body out around people I knew. I didn’t want to be judged and I would constantly feel insecure always comparing myself to others around me. Part of me no longer became worried about how I looked, it was all focused on others opinion. Instead of looking for confidence in myself I began to look for it in others. I would only feel good if someone else complimented me. A bikini was something that I wouldn’t touch this time last year, however this year I’ve embraced myself and learnt every body is a a beach body.



I am not tiny and I am actually so happy with my current appearance. I’m at a size 10 which has been my biggest ever size. Going up from an 8 was such a horrible experience for me, I had become so comfortable with that size and began to see anything bigger as a negative. I wanted to be slim and toned and couldn’t face the fact I was growing up and my body was changing. Change is good and as much as I’m ‘bigger’ than I was I am far my comfortable in my skin than I was then. As I’ve got older I’ve embraced my body and learnt to love it for what it is. My body is healthy, strong and that’s all I care about.


Looking through these pictures was something I was dreading. It’s hard not to be critical of  yourself at the best of times, let alone when half my body is out in all it’s glory. Pale, stretch marks, scars, you name it, it’s all visible. But for once I  hardly had any negative thoughts. Yes there are a few pictures that I looked at straight away and thought, god I’m never posting that. Before that would of made me feel so shit about myself. My self confidence with immediately drop and I would hate just about every photo I then looked at. However this time I’ve accepted I’m not going to look good in every photo and I just ignore them and learn to love the ones where I feel so good. Seeing yourself in a positive light is so important. With the massive rise of the fitness industry and the floods of posts on social media there’s such a pressure to look a certain way. What a lot of us fail to remember is a) It’s their job to look like that. Yes we can fit in a workout now and again but for them that’s what they are paid for, and a lot us of have other priorities such as school, work and kids. And secondly every body is different, we are not made in the same way and physically we can’t all look the same. We store fat in different places and equally grow muscle better in others. The key here is that we are all unique and at the end of the day it’s better to be yourself then push to be a ‘clone’ of someone else.

img_0438A beach dress is a serious essential and It’s fair to say I am obsessed with this one. The fit is just something else, being quite a small girl dresses are always something that can be very hit or miss. Let me tell you Boohoo have killed it with this one. The length and the arms are absolutely perfect. I love how light it is but I kinda wish it was just that little bit thicker so it would be acceptable to wear as a dress on day to day basis. However, this is honestly the best thing to put on when you’re feeling a little burnt or at the end of the long day at the beach. The embroidery detail gives it that little bit extra making it look more expensive than it actually is. £20 is such a steal, it’s only left in a medium and large, so get it quick! (For reference I’m wearing a size small and I’m 5’1).IMG_0361I am completely a high waisted bikini girl. It gives me a little more coverage on my stomach making me feel so much more comfortable. Also means I can eat a hell of a lot and no one see’s the bloat. (Now that’s what dreams are made of)  My favourite part of my body is my arms (lol weird I know) and there’s nothing I feel better in than a strapless top. Don’t ask me why I just find them so flattering and paired with high waist bottoms is totally in right now. This bikini as a whole is so flattering and guess what they do it in petite. Yay for us little girls There’s only a few left in black and blue, so snap one up while you can. For a tenner you can’t really not!!!IMG_0364I want you to challenge yourself to wear something a little more ‘daring’ this summer. It might be a little less clothing, something bright, a new trend or even a bikini too. Give yourself the power to wear something you want to and honestly you’ll feel your confidence grow. It’s time to stop thinking about what others think and do things for you. I hope you all enjoy the sun while it lasts!IMG_0357A special thanks to boohoo for sending me these lovely beachwear pieces and making me feel confident af in them! I’ve loved working on their campaign ‘Every body is beach ready with BOOHOO’ and hope you all get your bikini bodys out on the beach this summer. If you want to shop any of their beach/swim wear you can here.  (fyi this is not an affiliate link).

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  1. Yass girl! This was such a beautiful post! Nothing makes me happier than those who are becoming more accepting of themselves and happier with their bodies, flaws etc. loved reading this! xx

  2. You look incredible Harriet! I’m so glad you feel confident in your own skin, you’re killing it in those outfits. I am also 5’1 😉

    Meg | the-writeblog.blogspot.co.uk

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