Why there’s still a struggle to be a ‘Girl Boss’

The past few months have seen a strong rise in the feminist movement with more and more girls promoting the image of ‘strong independent women’ and a ‘girl boss’. I have always been one for equality and I love the girl power within this industry with women definitely on top in the whole social media world. However still in day to day life being a women definitely comes with its negatives.


The majority of my friends all lie in their early twenties, we’ve matured and grown up and hell of a lot but somehow being a young adult still means that sexist jokes are acceptable?!?! Seriously WHAT, can we please stop this.  I am someone that can take a joke very well; I’m able to laugh at myself and equally the mildly offensive joke from time to time. However I feel sexist jokes are becoming more and more common, I thought we were all over this? Apparently not. The last years as seen such a rise in equality, not only in gender but equally in aspects such as race and sexuality. So why are some people still stuck in this mindset of being rude to factors that we CAN’T control.  As much as these jokes can sometimes get a laugh, I now tend to look at people and think what an absolute douche.  There’s nothing funny about slating women in front of women just to get a laugh from the lads because let me tell you now, women are just going to think you look like a twat.



I am never the type of person to wear a bra. Yes I know sometimes I should, but when you’ve got that cute summer dress that just wouldn’t look the same with visible straps  you’ve got to make a sacrifice. What’s really starting to get on my tits (no pun intended) is the amount of people who will point out that you can see my nipples. Oh great thanks for that, I never knew I had nipples or really that somehow it’s unacceptable to see them.  I mean we all have bloody nipples it’s not really a shock that I do too, so do me a favour and please stop pointing it out as quite honestly I don’t give a shit. Honestly can someone please explain to me why it’s okay to see a man’s nipples in a t-shirt but as soon as a girls wearing a backless dress it suddenly becomes such an issue?


This is one of the things that drive me most insane, and I never will understand it. It’s something we all know what feels like too well, leggings, dress, shorts or even trackies! I doesn’t matter what we wear there’s always to gauping eyes along with the whistles. The moment it happens my confidence is stripped and I begin to feel anxious. Is my outfit not appropriate? Is my skirt tucked into my knickers? Or have I done something more embarrassing? Thoughts of doubt fill my head and I can go from being so confident in my outfit to feeling to wanting to curl into a ball and hide. And yet still some people say we should take it as a compliment? This is not ok. Men will never understand how it feels, or the fact it’s no acceptable. Can you imagine if it was to happen the other way round?



I am so fed up of being undermined for being a female. Whether it’s in the gym physically, financially, or in relation to careers women are often placed below men. I am fed up of been seen as something just to be pretty. I want women to stand for something and to be successful for other attributes. One thing that sticks with me is a man telling me his favourite thing about me was a physical attribute. Yes I’ll take the compliment but that’s the last thing I wanted to hear. As a women I don’t want the best thing about me to be my looks, I want to be told about my intelligence, my humour and my drive and determination. How can I push to be a ‘Girl Boss’ when all that people care for is appearance. I am more than just my looks.


This has been a rather ranty post where I feel my point hasn’t quite got across that well. But oh well, this is my space to get whatever I want off my chest. So here’s to a hopeful change in women within society.

H xxx

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  1. Love this! It’s so upsetting seeing how normalized sexism has become in politics and in the media in general. It’s so disheartening seeing me and the majority of other women I know with the #MeToo posts. It’s more common for women to be sexually abused than not 🙁

  2. Great post and thoughts. I also don’t think have people like Trump in power of one of the most powerful countries. Sexist, racist and the list goes on with that guy. It shows the world that it’s ok to belittle women. He needs to go!

  3. I loved this post, Harriet! You nailed it right on the head!

    I can laugh at sexist jokes but it stops being funny when they are used in a condescending way, to belittle my input. I can’t stand that.

    I can’t even walk home by myself without cars slowing down and men catcalling me and occasionally trying to talk me into their car. It’s scary being a woman.

    It’s not cool when men treat women like trophies or pieces of meat. We are also people who have feelings, passion and ambition

    Meg x | the-writeblog.blogspot.co.uk

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