Maturing and Self Love

So somehow I’ve just finished second year at uni. Scary right? There is no way I’m old enough to be going into my final year, but some how here I am. This past year has honestly been the craziest in my life. Anyone that knew me in September can definitely agree that one hell of a transformation has taken place.

Rewinding back 9 months I was in a complete different mindset. I was somewhat fragile and took absolutely everything as a negative. I was very down about myself and was really struggling with my anxiety. The whole first few months of second year was bit overwhelming. I was living in a new house with some new people which was such a change in scenery. The work load stepped up with everything becoming a little serious. I found myself in a sports team and my social life completely doubled. Now let me tell you as much as I’m a pretty confident outgoing person I am shy as hell when it comes to meeting a whole group of new people. I struggled quiet a bit with adjusting to everything and it all started to become a bit too much. A slight mental breakdown later and I have honestly never felt so good!!

What my biggest change has been is the growth in confidence. I’ve previously spoke about the pressure of fitting in and acting a certain way in order to almost ‘impress’.  In this generation where ever you look there is always someone judging you. There’s a pressure to look and dress a certain way and as much as it would be great to be a few lbs lighter I think I would prefer that chocolate bar. I’ve started to no longer give a shit about what other people think. In life you get people that absolutely love you and unfortunately there’s people the complete opposite of that. AND THAT’S OK. I’m never going to please everyone and I’m happy with the people I’ve got in my life. On the odd occasion (maybe a little too often) I do stupid things, I look a bit silly and make a fool of myself. This would previous be something I would be so embarrassed of but instead I’ve learnt to love my little quirky and stupid qualities.  There’s always going to be someone looking down on you, but yes I may look like an idiot at times but you know what? I would much rather be that idiot having the time of my life then someone with nothing better to do than judge me.



Here we go again Harriet is preaching about self love, but honestly you can’t get enough of it.  I’ve really been on such a journey with myself but we all get there in the end (well ish). Surrounding yourself with the right people is something that has actually been incredibly useful. I love seeing people when I couldn’t give a dam about what I look like. I remember the days where I would never see anyone without makeup. Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of makeup and it can make you feel 10x better but equally I love days where I can feel fresh faced without a care in the world.  Of course we all still have down days but there’s so many days where I am so positive about myself. My positivity isn’t just towards my appearance and that’s often something that people forget with self love. I’m constantly pushing for a more positive and motivated mindset with that being towards studying, fitness or friendships. Looking after yourself is something that is so key. I’m not here to preach about your lifestyles, but eating well, getting enough sleep and water and things that are so important when you want to feel good.  Looking after yourself doesn’t just have to be about health, getting my nails done or a bit of fake tan can make me feel just as good as well.

This year I’ve really learnt about who I want in my life and who is actually beneficial to me. Growing up I’ve had many failed friendships but I’ve come out of them on top because the people I’ve got now are all that I really need. *cringe I know*. I am honestly the luckiest girl when it comes to some of my friends.

One thing I can’t wait for is summer. Being a summer baby I am such a sunshine kinda girl. I don’t really have many plans but the freedom and warm weather is seriously calling my name. I love having no responsibilities and the opportunities to do whatever I want. Are you doing much this summer?

H xxx

Photos by Meg

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  1. Congrats on finishing your second year! I’m a summer baby too & I seem to be forever cold so I’m definitely looking forward to more warmth and sunshine. I love how reflective you are, that you can see how much you’ve grown and continue to change, especially in terms of mindset. Self-love and making your own needs a priority can be really hard to do, but so very important. Love the post!! 🙂

  2. I miss reading your posts because this is exactly why! I absolutely adore people with a mindset like yours. It’s something we all have to keep working on, and changing the negatives into positives even if it takes time.

    love you always! Keep doing you! x

    1. Thank you so Sami.I love how similar our mindsets are always working towards positivity and often putting ourselves first. ( In the right way)

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