Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

I am terrible at buying presents, I never know what to get anyone and always stick to the same old boring things. However I feel  I’ve actually come up with a few things that could be perfect gifts to a whole range of people.

Leighton Denny Nails £16

Can we take a second to appreciate  the colours in this. The festive colours are absolutely perfect for the season and I would love to receive this on christmas. This set is called Colour Soiree The Glitters and the shades are perfect. The set also comes with a top coat which is always an essential to making sure your nails last for a good few days. Leighton Denny are one of my favourtie nail vanish brands. The quality is 100% there and they don’t chip very easily.

Studio Sweden Headphones £79

Headphones were something I wasn’t too sure on. I’ve stuck to the classic earphones you got with your iphone for god knows how long. However after trying these headphones I am officially a convert. Having wireless headphones makes life so much easier especially when walking to and from places and literally it’s such a life savior in the gym. I’ve been using these headphones everyday for a solid week and they still don’t need to be recharged! Also side note,how cute are the marble caps? For 15% off you can use the code harrietdayblog**15 !!!

2018 Diary


The most generic but most essential present ever. This is one thing that I NEED. I’ve somehow misplaced my 2017 planner and let me tell you I’ve seriously been missing it. One planner I absolutely loved this year was the Happiness Planner it was so good to plan your days and also helped me feel positive while keeping on top of everything.



If you haven’t seen it already I did a post on a whole load of Feel Unique products that are available this Christmas, you can check it out here. Including this absolutely stunning Charlotte Tilbury Set, that I am low-key extremely obsessed with.

Phone Case & Screen Protector

A phone case is such an essential. I am one of the clumsiest people ever, it’s actually become shameful how many phones I have broken. However two things I always need on my phone is a case and a screen protector. Glass Screen protectors are absolute saviors, it saves my phone from a good few falls that would otherwise completely smash the screen. I always love a cute phone case. Case App have some of the cutest designs and even an opportunity to make your own. This would make the perfect personalised gift for a loved one this Christmas.

These gifts are absolutely perfect to receive this season.

H xxx

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  1. This could not have come at a better time because I am just finishing up my last minute Christmas shopping at the moment and all of these ideas are perfect! I’ve actually been dreaming of new wireless headphones for some time as my current ones are not the best quality so I guess it will be an extra thing to add to my wishlist hahah. Xx

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