Autumnal Vibes

Life has been extremely busy the last month and a half. I’ve blinked and suddenly we are deep into autumn and it’s bloody freezing!!! I’ve been very quiet on my blog and social media for a while so I thought I would bring back a classic post and do a good old catch up.

I’ve just started my second year of uni which I am absolutely loving. I know uni isn’t for everyone but if you are really on the fence about wanting to go I would suggest to apply anyway and just go for it as I am honestly having the time of my life. However I’ve had a fun few weeks and really need to settle down and get on with some work. I mean after all that is what I am actually here to do! I’ve had a really motivating week after sorting out some placement and work experience opportunities which I can’t wait to start.

As much as I have a little moan about the colder weather I am obsessed with Autumn fashion. Bobble hats are seriously doing bits for me at the moment. I am never really a hat kinda girl but my god do they make a difference. I always feel so toastie in it and it looks so so cute. What a win win situation. The only thing is I currently don’t even own a mustard jumper, I mean am I even a blogger???

As much as I’ve been so poor with my blog I’ve managed to attend a few events which have been SO EXCITING! It’s always nice to be able to attend an event as being a student I often don’t really have the time. Last month I went to the Feel Unique Christmas Launch (which btw has totally got me in the Crimbo spirit) and also the Ardell Lash Event. I had such an amazing time and it was lovely to get to know fellow bloggers. Following the Ardell event I am now absolutely living for eyelashes. I would only tend to wear really natural ones and stay away from anything that gave much extra length. However Ardell have absolutely changed me and I just can’t stop wearing them. FYI whispies are my total favs!

I have a couple more events coming up soon so make sure you’re following my Instagram so you don’t miss out on my stories!!

I’ve started feeling much more positive lately which has been huge progress! I’ve started to tackle and manage my anxiety a lot more. Feeling less stressed and less on edge is honestly making such a difference. I am starting to be more productive and getting so much done instead of mopping around in bed all day. Although I am only making small changes this is something I am becoming really proud of.

I hope you’ve all had a good few weeks and I hope you’re ready to actually see some frequent content again!


H xxx

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  1. this was great to read. it’s nice to sit down and wind down by reading some amazing blog posts by my favourites. I hope second year of uni is good to you and I am loving your autumnal style girl! look forward to reading more posts! xx

  2. I am so excited to start uni myself soon because it really does seem like the type of environment I’d thrive in! And well done on managing your stress/anxiety – that can be very difficult to do and you should be super proud of yourself for making such great progress xox

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