Jaclyn Hill x Morphe, Is it really worth it?

First of all sorry for being so absent. I have just started my second year at uni and I’ve been incredibly busy, but don’t you worry I am back and ready to throw some posts out again.

The Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette has been around EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately I missed the first sale on beauty bay but managed to get my hands on it during the second sale the other week. Jaclyns palette is priced at £37 a whole £14 more than the usual morphe palette. However with the build up and the amazing range of colours I had to see if the palette was really all that.


Is it really worth all this hype?

The range of colours is incredible. The palette contains a huge 35 shades. My go to shades are always warm toned mattes and this palette is absolutely full of them. They are perfect for every day looks yet equally you can make them more intense for a night time look. Although the shades are pigmented they aren’t too intense meaning they are so easy to blend . Shimmer shades are always something I love to place on my lid, however so many brands just can’t get them right. I hate having to wet my brush to get full pigmentation but these shadows seem to be fine on a dry brush.

The palette does contain quite a few ‘out there’ shades that I am a little bit nervous to use at the moment. I’m not really into my bright colours but you could create so many amazing looks using the blues.

The one thing I absolutely hate about this palette is the packaging. I feel the packaging seems rather flimsy and it get’s dirty so easily. Considering I am paying MORE than the ordinary morphe palette I would expect the packaging to be at least on par with the other palettes. However I am aware that Jaclyn has discussed plans for a repackaging, but along with many other fans I think she should of packaged it well the first time round.

Comparing this palette to other palettes I own, I defintley think the quality is higher than most my drugstore palettes and would say it’s up there with a lot of my high end palettes. So would I say this palette is worth it? 100% . Personally I think £37 for 35 shades isn’t too bad and especially when the shades are such high quality. This has slowly become my go to palette and I can’t stop using it. If you are on the edge about getting it, I would completely recommend you do.


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  1. I recently lost all my makeup and a trip and then having it stolen, so I’ve been thinking about getting this pallet and I just might… I love the colors and i wanted a pallet i can have a mix of the out there shades and the ones that can be worn for everyday you know? but i think this is the one for me!

  2. I really love the range of shades this offers and am definitely considering getting it for myself as an early christmas present! Gotta love products that are good value for money <3

  3. I really want this palette! My friend and fellow beauty blogger recently ordered this palette for the 2nd time for the new packaging, supposed to be more durable, easier to clean, and swatch names on the back! however, there must have been miscommunication in their marketing dept because Ulta did not receive the new packaging when they were supposed to. So I may wait a month for the old packaging to sell out and the new packaging to come in


  4. Ahhhh I really want to try this palette! I feel like I’ve heard so many mixed reviews! Could you possibly do a couple swatches for insta! I actually really love the blue colours! Another great post and I’m so glad you’re back blogging I have missed your posts also I hope uni is going well ❤️

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