Printing memories with Printiki

Having photos printed is always something I LOVE doing. There’s something about them that just makes a special moment last forever. I love having a collection to look back on some great memories.

Lucky enough I was given the opportunity to have free prints from Printiki.  Which was just in time for Uni!! Photos are an absolute essential for me in my uni room, they make everything seem a little more homely but most importantly it makes it a little more me. I can’t wait to put these up when I move in. p.s get ready for a small room tour!

I chose 30 prints of the retro style 4×4 . What I liked most about this style was the fact they looked so much like Polaroid pictures and I absolutely love taking Polaroid pictures but just the film is so expensive and getting the photos printed was so much cheaper. 30 pictures seemed like quite a lot so I also decided to print some quotes. I choose quotes with either a pink or marble background as I thought these would go perfect will all the home wear bits I have already got.

Can we just take a minute to talk about the rose gold photo grid. I have been wanting one of these for absolultley ages and I just couldn’t find one for a decent price. However don’t be worried Primark have got our backs once again. If you can find one in your local primark you can snap it up just for £6.

The prints themsleves are such great quality, I was a little worried that I might lose the qulity on some photos. Nothing worse then grainy photos! But all my photos looked just as good as they did on my phone and I love the glossy finish. The delivery was quick and all my prints arrived in perfect condition. I would completely recommend Printiki for anyone wanting to get any prints!

H xxx

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