Why losing weight WON’T make you happier

Losing weight is something that is always on most peoples mind. We all crave to be a little lighter hoping that it will bring us that needed boost of confidence and happiness. When in reality concentrating on losing weight will NEVER bring us happiness.

Yes don’t get me wrong losing a few pounds would be nice, but that number isn’t going to make me happier. How can we expect a simple number to change the way we think. We don’t dislike our image because of the number, in fact we dislike it because of our mindset. That few inches won’t make you feel any better when you’ve already conditioned yourself to dislike the way you look.

Body confidence is something I talk about ALL the time, but that’s only because I think it’s so important. Being happy with your body is so hard and instead of chasing that weight loss concentrate on happiness. I haven’t looked at the scales in months and I am so much happier. I’m no longer chasing a number and realising that no matter what I would weigh I would never be happy with it. The number on the scales is never the problem leading to unhappiness. The problem is you never feel good enough.


Instead of focusing on a number I love looking at what my body can achieve. No matter how big or little it is, every victory counts. I personally love the gym ( and I always rave about how exercise equals happiness) but I know it isn’t for everyone. However, I love finishing a session thinking I’ve lifted heavy weights and really pushed my body. And that is when I feel most confident. With no change in my weight or appearance I feel happier because of what my body can achieve. What your body is capable of is truly the most beautiful thing and appreciating that truly brings happiness.

Taking care of your body through self love and correct nutrition honestly makes so much difference. A number is just a number and it will never really matter. A chnage in mindset will equal a change in positivity.

H xxx

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  1. I literally lost over 10% body fat in the last 3 months, but the number on the scales are only showing me a few kilos. I never started the gym at the start of summer to lose weight, I just wanted to feel stronger and better about myself, that I’m actually doing something that is really good. I Wa not expecting results quickly, but I instantly became happier and not because I lost weight but because I was happy I was doing something!

  2. This was so beautifully said, Harriet. I love that and it’s very true. Sometimes, it only makes us unhappier and it’s time and I agree! A number is just a number! Makes me happy seeing wonderful people like you using your voice and platform to speak about what’s right! x

  3. Very well said! As someone who has go up and down on the scales and hated her body, then to getting ill and having a stoma, the change in perspective is so important. As is starting to like, love and accept yourself, just as you are. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  4. Awesome post, Harriet! I agree with you, the number on the scale won’t make us any happier. I even think it makes no sense at all to weigh yourself. If you look in the mirror and you like what you see, then that’s enough. Why do you need a number? I believe to that sport helps a lot to boost body confidence. Because you can see what you’re able to do and that makes me confident! Great post,

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