The Body Shop Eyeshadows

Now my favourtie palette ever has to be Naked 2. Urban Decay always deliver with eyeshadows and you really can’t go wrong with any of the palettes. I’ve reached the heartbreaking moment of hitting pan on my two favourtie shades and I’ve been looking everywhere to find some decent dupes.

The Body Shop makeup isn’t something I tend to go for, purely because of the fact they don’t sell it in places like boots, so when I’m doing a makeup shop it’s never there. However I popped into the body shop the other day and suddenly got drawn in by the eyeshadows. I knew I needed to get some shades to hopefully replaced the ones from my naked palette when they finally go. I didn’t have my palette to hand when picking the shades but I didn’t do too much of a bad job when picking a few out.

I’ve warn the shade foxy (Naked 2) to absolute death. I reach for it daily and tend to use it over my lid and place a slightly darker matte shade in the crease. I’ve really struggled finding a good drugstore priced alternative as the pigmentation is never there. But thank god I’ve found a good one, and you know what I might even prefer the body shop one.I picked up the shade 101 Attic Marble  As you can see from the photo the body shop one is slightly lighter but on the lid there isn’t really much difference. They both last just as long as each other and when applied with a primer they don’t crease.

Another absolute go to shade of mine from Naked 2 is Chopper. I like dusting this all over the lid with when I’m in a rush, to make me look a little more put together. To dupe this I choose 215 Petra Sandstone.  Chopper is defintley more warm toned but I do think the shades are quite similar. This time I do have to say Naked win on the pigmentation and I often have to apply a lot more of the body shop shadow to get the same effect.

I am now desperate to get my hands on some more body shop makeup and think I’ll be trying their foundation range next!

Have you tried any of the body shop makeup? If so what do you love?

H xxx

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