Guide to a Flawless Summer Base

Makeup in summer can always be a little bit tricky. I like to have quite a bit of coverage but avoid looking cakey and instead give off a glowly lightweight look. With the bit of hot weather we do get here in the UK it’s always hard to get your makeup to stay on all day, so here’s my little tips to a perfect base.


I always like to wash my face before I apply my makeup, for me it gives me a clean and smooth base to start with. Removing all the dirt from you pores avoids you clogging them up even more and moving the dirt around your whole face. I tend to use a exfoliating scrub to really make sure my skin is as clean as it can be. After cleansing I like to moistrise just to really make sure I have a smooth starting base


Primer is important at the best of times let alone the summer. Two primers I’ve been loving at the moment are the Smashbox Radiance photo finish and Revolution Ultra Strobe cream. These two have such a glow to them which makes them absolutely perfect for summer, because lets be real we are all so about the glow. I find them both lightweight and leave my skin feeling slightly tacky.



It takes quite a lot for me to change my foundation but recently I keep reaching for the Joan Collins First Base Foundation.  My holy grail as been a mix of the L’oreal Infallible and the L’oreal Infallible Total Cover but I’ve found this a little too thick during the hotter days. The Joan Collins foundation is very lightweight which makes it look and feel so natural on the skin. If you want a thicker base it’s very build able so you can get the coverage you desire. To apply my foundation I either use the Real Techniques Multi Complexion Sponge or the buffing brush. Using the sponge is a little less work but I feel I get a fuller coverage using the brush. Has anyone else swaying back to a brush from a sponge? The one thing that I find so so so important is buffing/bouncing instead of rubbing the foundation in. This way the coverage is so much better.


I always like to gently pat a bit of powder on my face with a big fluffy brush. I have been using the Maybelline Matte Maker for years and I still seriously love it!! I have quite a oily T zone and this really does the job for me. If I am out all day I do sometimes use a setting spray, but most times I am a little lazy and in a bit of a rush so tend to skip it. I just use the Revolution Pro Fix Setting Spray but I am so desperate to get my hands on the Urban Decay All Nighter.

What are your best tips for makeup in the summer?

H xxx

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  1. I recently got sent this foundation, it’s stunning and is so lightweight on the skin. I love the sound of your setting spray too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

    1. I’ve absolutely been loving it, I think it’s really good and does make my makeup stay on longer! Thank you!! I’ve recently got a new camera❣️

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