My Summer Must Haves

It might be just me but I always like to change up my fragrance in a new season and  Ghost Sweetheart Forever has become my absolute favourtie. I never feel complete without giving myself a spritz of perfume before I leave and I keep reaching for this. I’ve always been a fan of Marc Jacobs perfumes but always been a little diasspointed as I never find they last.  This is only a fraction of the price but lasts just as long and probably even longer! I am no expert in fragrance notes but I’ll let you all know what they are. The strongest notes is rose and fruity, with a smaller notes of citrus and wood. For me this is the perfect daytime summer perfume.


Breakfast by Bella

During the warmer months I love eating yoghurt and fruit and I can’t stop eating this right now. We grow fresh fruit in our garden which to me makes it even better, home grown strawberry are honestly to die for. I love having this for breakfast or even an afternoon snack, it’s so tasty and keeps my energy levels right up.


Summer is the season for drinking and right now I can’t get enough of Pimms and cocktails. They are absolute perfect summer drinks that honestly just taste so good. I am no cocktail expert so I save them for drinking out, but Pimms is so easy  to quickly whip up at home.


I always like to have my nails painted, it just gives you that bit more of a put together sort of look. I actually never really bother with a base coat as I didn’t really think it would make much of difference, but boy was I wrong. This base coat from Deighton Lenny has become my favourtie thing ever. It makes my nail vanish stay on so much longer and I also think it helps my nails grow which is such a bonus. As well as a base coat you can use this as a top coat to make your nails matte. Literally could this little nail vanish get any better??

Music- With all the sun I find myself listening to more and more music. My top three favourtie songs to listen to at the moment are:

Cassia- 100 Times Over

Miley Cyrus- Malibu

Selena Gomez- Bad Liar


Summer is seriously the time to be tanned and the only issues with being tanned is that the rest of my makeup becomes a little too pale. Although this is marketed as a bronzing ball it has such a shine it becomes such a great highlighter. I love applying this on my face and also collar bones on a night out to give me that little extra glow. This is 100% coming in my makeup back to Boardmasters festival in a few weeks.

What things are you loving this summer?

H xxx


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  1. This post is perfect! I love the colours of those nail polish and I have to try out that perfume omg! I’ve heard a lot about it and it looks beautiful! that bronzing ball looks lush too, perfect for the summetime! xx

  2. So far this summer I’ve been loving spending so much time with family in the sun! Also, that breakfast with strawberries looks absolutely divine 😍 Xx

  3. Yogurt and fruit are some of my favorite foods to snack on, especially during warmer weather. I made a yogurt parfait the other day and it was pretty tasty. I’ve been loving jumpsuits/rompers for the weather as well as flowy tops. Being outdoors playing tennis or going for nature walks. Essence cosmetics matte lipstick in 003 is one of my favorite lips so far. I hope your summer is going well.

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