Sunshine and Gingham

Gingham has been all the rave recently and I absolutely love this trend. Patterns are always something that I’ve seen as a little bit daring, but gingham is so simple yet still gives you that little extra something. Being black and white it can be paired with absolutely anything.  After seeing it around everywhere I needed to try it so I thought why not treat myself to a little bit of online shopping?

I’ve always been a bit of a playsuit girl, I find them so cute yet I feel a little more comfortable in them compared to a dress. As much as I love this one it is a little unpractical. After a full 10 minutes, getting a sweat on and bending my arms in ways that I didn’t know possible I finally managed to zip this all the way up. To put this one you really need someone to just zip up for you. As well as putting it on you can imagine there is a slight struggle taking it off. So basically if you plan on wearing this you 100% need a toilet buddy.

A rucksack is such an essential for me in summer. It’s cute and practical. This one I actually picked  this up ages ago up when BHS was closing down, but there are so many similar ones around. Primark are doing some amazing ones at the moment, in all different colours and materials.  The best thing about this one is that it’s little. As much as sometimes we all need to take around a lot with us, on days I only need a couple of things this is honestly perfect.


Cut out shoulders have been a huge trend and this is my first piece with them. It gives a little bit more of a ‘sumemry’ vibe to the outfit. Despite the dodgy tan lines I may get, this is definitely a yes from me.

I’ve had my watch for over a year and half now but I’m  still just as in love with it. A watch is always so convenient and with a basic strap it means you can pair it with almost any outfit. The ring I am wearing is from the Jewellery Box. Silver jewellery has always been my favourtie and I definitely like to stick to more basic pieces like this one.

Shamefully I can’t remember where this bracelet is from, but again you can never go wrong with simple silver jewellery. This ring is from Pandora, but I think they no longer stock it.


Can we just take a minute to actually appreciate how good the weather has been. Although I’m pretty sure that’s going to be all our sun for the summer, I loved it while it lasted. Although at times it may of gotten a little too hot, with a British summer we’ve got to take what we can get. As much as I love cities the countryside is where my heart is and when the weather is nice there is nothing better than a country walk, preferably with a picnic.


Hope you’ve all been enjoying the weather as much as me.

Playsuit £18 Boohoo

Shoes Classic Black/White Converse £45 Asos

Bag (similar)

H xxx





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  1. i’m loving the gingham trend at the moment and this playsuit is so cute! Also you can never got wrong with a pair of converse! X x

  2. I think this may be my favourite post of all time Harriet. You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Your outfit looks so cute and summery and these pictures are perfect. YOU are perfect oh my goodness. xxx

  3. I love how the photos turned out; they’re so beautiful! 😍 and that outfit is amazing. Plus, I have that same type of converse; I always wear mine with trousers😅

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