My First Year at Uni

A few weeks a go I ran a little poll on twitter about what posts you wanted to see and so many of you wanted to see my experiences of my first year at Uni. I apologise for how long it’s taken me but I’ve I am honest I just couldn’t find a suitable picture.

Wow so It’s been a hell of a year, (well 9 months if you want to be specific) but I’ve finally finished my first year of Uni! When I left to for Uni I remember my mum saying that I’ll change, I kinda shrugged it off and didn’t really think anything of it. But boy was I wrong, Uni does really change you, not saying that’s a bad thing. I mean I’m the same old me, but I’ve definitely grown into a better version of myself. (well I hope).

So then how have I changed? Independence is certainly a big thing. From having a lot of things done for you at home you’re thrown in right at the deep end. Luckily I’ve always been able to cook so that was no issue for me but I’ve certainty witnessed the classic student survival of microwave meals and pizza. In reality cooking isn’t that hard, learning a few simple meals before you go is all it takes, however you might have to get use to the same three meals over and over. Essentially you’re now living by yourself ad you have to start thinking a little more about laundry and food, on top of your studies and of course your social life.

The first thing that springs to mind about Uni is drinking.  With a student nights out and a student bar around the corner, there are endless possibilities. Some people really go for it and are out every night where as others barely go out at  all. In all honestly you can make what you like of it. I do enjoy having a drink but I’m not the type of person to go out night after night. I comfortably found what suited me. I ended up going to karaoke Tuesdays pretty much every week, with the occasional Wednesday night and on a special occasion we hit Central on Friday. However, if you’re the type of that what’s to go out all the time, you still can but I’ve found it definitely isn’t forced on you. Another thing is we would often have spontaneous drinks in the flat that is always labelled a quiet one but normally ends up as one of the messiest.

Friendships are something that seem so important at Uni, every adult has told me that I’ll meet my friends for life and these will be the people I’ll want at my wedding. Safe to say that we already have made it clear we will be at each others weddings. I have made some amazing friends, but the one thing I would say is don’t jump with people you first meet. I am still great friends with some people I met in the first week but as time as goes on I’ve made some other amazing friends too. I personally have got some of my best friends in my flat, but remember the only thing you may have in common with them is that you live together.

So lets get to the actual point of Uni and that’s the course. For those of you that don’t know I am studying Sports Science (not your usual bloggers course). I am LOVING my course and I think that is so so so important. As I mentioned in What University has taught me you are now in charge of your own learning. To do well you have really got to want to do it. Revision and assignments are all down to you and with living by yourself you’ve got no one but yourself to motivate you. Yes there were some units that I didn’t really enjoy but first year is all about getting general knowledge across the subject and discovering what units you like.

Uni has definitely fulfilled my expectations and isn’t really to different to what I thought.

If you are unsure whether Uni is for you I would 100% say go for it. I’ve made so many amazing memories and I can’t wait for next year.

H xx



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  1. Loved the post! I’m going into my second year too I’m the only one I know who Doesent think it’s changed me but you may have changed my mind haha

  2. Aww, this was so lovely to read. I’m glad that you’re having a great experience and I agree about the enjoying part of uni! I’ve made some great friends and one who I consider my best friend and she’s definitely rocking up to my wedding haha! I wish you all the best for the upcoming years my lovely! Xx

  3. When I went to uni, my biggest shock was getting used to the independency! Having to always cook and clean after myself was tough, as was getting myself up to actually attend lectures – I really learned to push myself x

  4. Loved reading about your first year uni experience! I decided not to go and it’s worked out better for me this way. Sounds like you’re really enjoying it, I wish you all the luck in your course xx

  5. Really interesting to hear your experience! I just finished my second year and I think I have grown so much more since for most second year involves living in your own house and handling bills, security of the property etc. I have so many more responsibilities and I feel like I am full adult now haha xxx

    1. I am definitely excited for that aspect of second year but equally a little nervous because there is so much more to manage.

  6. I’m so happy to hear what a great time you’ve been having! Do you have any friends/know any people who had gap years before going to uni? I finished school in 2015 and am hopefully going to music college in September 2018! I am so excited, but I already have the experience of living by myself and supporting myself as I moved out as soon as I was done with school! Just wondering how different my experience will be!

    1. I’ve met quite a few people who have done gap years and they’ve really enjoyed it but I just guess they are a little more independent! I hope music college all goes well for you!!!

  7. I’m glad you’ve had a great first year lovely! I decided not to go to uni because I didn’t think it was for me. You’re experience sounds so awesome so far though! I hope you enjoy second year! Xx

  8. For someone who isn’t going to uni ( I might change my mind in the years to come ) this insight was great! My brother is going this September and he doesn’t know how to cook! I’m hoping this experience will make him a little bit more independent, great post as always

    1. Thank you for commenting Hayley . I would completely recommend Uni but then I do know it’s not for everyone. I hope he has a lovely time!

  9. My boyfriend has just finished his 3rd and final year in sports science and he loved it! Glad you’ve enjoyed your first year!

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