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So It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘rambly emotional post’.  I’ve written various posts on confidence such as It’s okay not to be a size 8 and Learning to love yourself but seeing as summer is just around the corner, I’ve seen a lot of people talk about confidence, or should I say lack of confidence I thought I would give another one a go. I began to see that so many people are unhappy with themselves and whats so bad is that it’s actually become uncommon to see someone confident.

Confidence comes in many forms. You can be body confident, confident of your knowledge, confident in doing something new.  With constant pressures and expectations being set on us being confident in yourself is actually so hard to achieve.  Confidence is something I seriously lacked and although it’s something I’ve grown I am still not completely confident. However that is something I do hope to change.

Looking through pictures is always something I hate, no matter how good I feel about myself before I can’t stand looking at pictures of me. I start to pick up everything I don’t like and create so many more insecurities that I never had before. Honestly after taking so many pictures, I deleted about 90% of them. Instead of feeling low about the ones that didn’t turn out great I realised that this doesn’t just happen to me. Things can’t always go perfect and even if you’re bloody Kendall Jenner I’m sure you can’t do a photo shoot without getting some horrendous ones. And that’s just life there are positives and there’s negatives but balancing these things is whats important, remember not everything is low.

We all need those days were we can look at yourself in the mirror and think wow I look great. And do you know what, I LOVE THAT FEELING. Looking in the mirror or at selfie and feeling happy with yourself is the best thing ever. So when you get that day where you feel a little down remember this feeling you had once before. I am so guilty of being a little vain from time to time, but I don’t care.  If I feel good about myself, I’m feeling 10x more positive and that’s something that’s so great that we shouldn’t be ashamed of.

I hate seeing people bash others for something they love doing. If it makes them happy so what? Your opinion on it is irrelevant and it’s got nothing to do with you. The same goes to someone who confident. There is definitely a huge difference between confidence and arrogance.  Often confident people get told they are cocky or too much just for all their confidence to fall right back down again. If someone is happy in themselves, let them be because let’s be honest it’s not really effecting you.

Confidence isn’t something you can simply get in one day, nor is it something that’s easy. It’s just a little bit of a journey.

Being confident in yourself doesn’t just depend on how you feel about your appearance, but equally being confident that you can achieve.  As silly as it sounds you really do need to believe in yourself in order to achieve. As much as exam season is nearly over having a positive mindset can be so beneficial to your learning.  Yes we all have our different levels but believing in your abilities makes you so much stronger in that field and as a person. Having that I can mindset puts you ahead of someone else without it. Especially in the world of work having confidence that you are good at what you do is key.

Apologise for rambling on as usual but for me confidence is so important for my happiness.

So love yourself because the only persons love you need is yours.

H xxx

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  1. Wow…. Just wow! This is everything I feel and want to say and you’ve put it so perfectly. Thank you for sharing this. It’s not always easy to say. It’s comforting to know that we’re not alone in feeling like self-conscious and bit insecure.
    Lovely post xx

    1. Thank you so much Hannah. Sadly most of us insecure but to me growing my confidence knowing that not everything is perfect makes me feel a little better!!

  2. this is a great post lovely, and I agree 100%. Especially for women it feels like whenever we appear to be confident it either means we’re ‘vain’ or self-obsessed, but if we can’t love ourselves first how will anyone else?! xx



  3. This is such a lovely post, and I agree so much with what you’ve said! Lately I’ve tried to stop caring what people think and just do what I enjoy, which even involves blogging and not caring about the people I know outside of the blogging community think when I put myself out there online!

    Hayley | http://www.crueltyfreehayley.com x

  4. This is such beautiful post. I used to be quite confident, but recently I’m being less and less confident. It can get really annoying as it’s stopping me doing some basic things. I’m working on it, but it’s going to be a long journey.

  5. Aw this is such a lovely post! I love posts promoting confidence because I think it’s so incredibly important! Btw you look beautiful in these pictures xx

  6. Aww I loved this post, honestly the photos of you are stunning! I always find it funny how when I have a selfie I love it’s my profile picture and when I look back months later I’ll cringe and pick out all the things I hate even though I once like it! This is such a relatable, feel good post… thanks girl xx

  7. I have to agree with this post! I think it’s so healthy to be a little vain sometimes – if you feel good about yourself, who cares what other people think?!

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